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Wanban lighting six seven board Heibang QC worrying betting LED faces new challenge
led light tubes reviews and Summary: August 9, Wanban lighting official public offering of shares. According to its August 8 release of “Wanban lighting initial public offering of A shares prospectus” (hereinafter referred to as the “Prospectus”) display, Wanban lighting The total funds raised 866.52 million yuan, net proceeds 810.6759 million yuan.
Six seven board quality Heibang unbearable past, did not stop the IPO road Wanban lighting. August 9, has twice crashed IPO of domestic lighting giant Wanban lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wanban lighting”) formal public offering of shares. According to the prospectus, the raised funds Wanban lighting, there will be close to 40% into the emerging LED market. This people can not help but speculate, deep plowing in more than 20 years of quality traditional industries still frequently exposed the scandal, the LED is in a dramatic reshuffle of the emerging markets, Wanban lighting capital boost after really able to do so give a satisfactory answer yet ?
IPO twists and turns finally coming into fruition
May 25, 2010, Shanghai fluorescent product quality supervision and inspection results published in the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision, Wanban lighting 2D lamp failure due to energy efficiency limit value is judged to be substandard products; March 3, 2011 Wenzhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the 2010 fourth quarter of wire and cable lighting checks Fact sheet, the result of a Down flag, grounding, wiring three substandard quality Heibang become a guest; September 7, 2011, a luminaries in Shanghai in 2011 luminaries product quality supervision failure due to refractory boarded blacklist; July 16, 2012, the circulation of the second quarter of 2012, Shanghai Industry and Commerce Administration issued lighting quality monitoring failure cases, a portable luminaires due to heat, fire and the resistance to tracking (heat) failed Dengbang; in may 2015, with a nominal production units as “Wanban lighting Electric (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.” the trademark “Wanban” of a single switch four converters for “heat” project was the subject failed to be informed of the Guangzhou City Administration; November 2015, a classic series 2U Op energy-saving lamps, due to signs SAIC failed to board Heibang; March 2016, LED ball bulbs comparative testing result Nanjing Consumers Association released again show non-compliance Wanban lighting products.
2076 Gordon Heibang quality, in a way suggesting Wanban lighting in terms of quality control is not ideal. In this regard, Wanban lighting in the “prospectus” explained that “the longer the lighting industry, industrial chain, complex production processes, if a part of the problem, it will affect the quality of the final product. At the same time, wide range of products, some products through OEM production, individual products may be because the product design process, electronic components compatible, product transportation, installation and use of the environment, and quality problems consumers use improper reasons. “
Betting LED market is facing a new challenge
In the traditional lighting market more than 20 years of experience, Wanban lighting performance is not satisfactory, but along with the success of the IPO, Wanban lighting will increase investment in the emerging field of LED, in this market Wanban lighting is just three years of experience, it is still at the exploratory stage. Can the LED industry Bazhu quality of Op, would be a more severe test.
“LED lighting market has been converted by the fluorescent lamp, fluorescent future support efficient lighting project may be terminated in 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission did not re-new tenders for this project.” In the “prospectus”, the Wanban lighting the NDRC changes in funding policy as the basis for one of their own to increase investment in the field of LED.
According to the “prospectus” said the funds raised will open nearly 40% invested in the field of LED. Wherein the LED production line construction and renovation investment 42,992,000 yuan, the total investment of 7.59%, LED production line investment 183,177,700 yuan, accounting for 32.33% of the total investment, according to the Wanban lighting is estimated that the project will be the fourth year to reach design capacity, then LED plant will achieve an annual output of 22,740,000 various types of LED lighting products production capacity.
After the IPO and gaining deep LED Op occur simultaneously, it is the depth of this emerging industry reshuffle. Just this past July, Sen and other Commonwealth to € 400 million acquisition of OSRAM LED lighting business combination, increase the right to speak in the LED industry; product an illumination, the universe optoelectronics, Lucky Valley Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Deli & P Optoelectronics and Zhongshan Tongji Science and Technology and a number of LED lighting SMEs are coming one after another closed down, bankrupt. Ding Long, vice president of Wanban lighting in an interview when he said publicly that the brutal competition in this emerging industry, “the whole LED industry in the rising period, 8000 the remaining 80 companies eventually amazing.”
“Product quality problems will end consumers inconvenience and even endanger the lives and property of the negative impact, resulting in serious damage to brand and market image at the same time, the company bear the cost of compensation. If the company does not timely and effective control, solve product quality problems, the company may face a whole related products discontinued sale of the risk, or even result in a substantial decline in the company’s overall performance. “in the” prospectus “, the Wanban lighting include the negative impact of the quality of the company will bring .
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