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led t8 4ft

led t8 4ft
To achieve the optimum led tube light distribution to best meet suppliers’ needs and end users’ expectations, tests are conducted to accurately quantify the tube led light transmission and light diffusivity of these polycarbonate resins before LED optic or covering production begins. In determining what is referred to as the D50 angle, or the angle at which the amount of light transmitted is 50% of the amount of the transmitted light at angle 0¡ã (as seen in Fig. 1), a variable angle photometer and a direct light source are used to measure the effects of varying light-diffusing agents at differing concentration levels in specimens. Data from these measurements allow developers to select the appropriate diffusing technologies for the desired combination of property characteristics in the end finished led tube light product series.
superior quality led t8 tube 1200mm 18w 1.2m 120cm 4feet light lamp t8 led tube fluorescent lighting etl cetl ce rohs .
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¡°In this led tube light replacement project from Studio DL and Leipziger Leuchten, we could fully leverage our expertise as a solutions provider,¡± commented Christoph Li, project manager at Wanban. ¡°The special light-emitting surface and the thermal conditions were very special requirements. Our experience and expertise contributed to the entire solution and its implementation as a module ranging from the electronic control, via the optics to the potting. We also helped even in the selection of standard components such as the LED driver.¡±.
wanban Opto-electronic fully automated production line of the road has not been easy. COB complex production process, the core wire arrangement, dispensing must be done in good programming package inside. Make improvements on the convergence device, the procedure to make a unique design, equipment development and transformation yourself, dispensing and other one-time completion. wanban Opto-electronic sectors and in every aspect of cohesion, the design have carried out numerous attempts, finally a break-out of its own fully automated COB packaging production line.