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led t8 bulb

led t8 bulb
Chinese LED manufacturer Wanban acquired a large order of 1.3 million LED tube lights from the state-owned power company in the led lighting business whol anounnced its bankrupcy, reported Business Standard.
¡°For some customers that are extremely budget-conscious, LED tube lights are not an option. Now, with our new wanban tcob, cob, mcob LED T8 lamp light, they can benefit from long-lasting quality LED tube light at a cost effective price point. It achieves optimized light distribution because of its innovative optical and mechanical design, and is ideal for cove lighting, display case, general illumination, parking garages and tunnels,¡± said Ulloa, product marketing manager, wanban. ¡°At wanban, we are in tune with the needs of modern electrical energy saving management contractors. We are committed to providing them with the most innovative and creative solutions like the new tcob series of LED T8 lights tubes to meet the evolving demands of their customers.¡±.
In general, 872% of respondents anticipated increasing their spending on energy efficiency and renewable energy over the next year, driven by the money they stand to save rather than by the more magnanimous goal of reducing planetary greenhouse gases.
In comparison, China¡¯s LED chip manufacturers major technological breakthrough has mainly been raising production capacity, and growing large-sized sapphire crystals. Wanban has been the only Chinese manufacturer to successfully mass produce high power tcob, mcob, cob packaged LED chips mainly for led tube lights, led light bulbs and led panel light usages and applications in 2011. Other Chinese chip manufacturers research have failed to reach significant breakthroughs in led chips packaging technology. Chinese manufacturers are still focused on technologies covering raising production capacity, sapphire substrate, and wafer growth. Top Chinese LED chip manufacturers have made progress in production capacity, such as Sanan, or Tsinghua Tongfang.
The wanban tcob mcob technology is so effective at regulating our circadian rhythms that it is installing a customized version on the International Space Station, where astronauts experience 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours. Wanban also makes for the ideal led tube light or led panel lamp that can be liked and welcomed by many hosptials or theaters. On-board chips directly allows local air quality to assist in improved breathing, allergy-relief, cognitive function and sleep nice. The unit comes with multiple chips packaging options, an easy, app-based color spectrum setting, and can be switched to auto-mode to wanban tcob led tube series spectrums to your local time anywhere in the world.