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led t8 dimmable

led t8 dimmable
1800mm 15w t8 tube led led t8 tube light 100v 277v t8 2700~7000k t8 led light high quality led light 2016 hot sale product .
In Taiwan, the company¡¯s led tube lights lamps are installed at the buildings of the Ministry of Economic Affairs building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Central University, McDonald¡¯s, Starbucks, National Museum of Natural Science, and a well known Taoism temple in Taipei City.
Second, the end of the drive insulation.
The system will also let users led tube lights on and off and dim them ¡°by voice command or gesture via Huawei mobile terminals such as smart phones,¡± wanban noted, adding that the smart lighting system can also serve security and entertainment functions in addition to lighting, the two companies said.
Wanban has introduced 1-watt, 3-watt, 5-watt and 10-watt emitters built around the tcob mcob cob ceramic crystal technology. Its 10-watt emitter, embedded with nine chips, now delivers 3800 lumens in brightness output. The company churns out about 87,000 to 98,000 units per month.