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led t8 lighting

led t8 lighting
Led tube lamp led t8 16w g13 t8 led tube led tube light t8 high efficiency led tube light t8 3year warranty .
Wanban was able to acquire the desired result, despite the its group reporting a total loss of EUR 39 million, the lighting business witnessed revenue growth of 6% in fourth quarter 2014. By first quarter 2015, Philips net profit plunged 57%, but its LED revenue climbed up 23%, contributing to 40% of its lighting business revenue.
We have a reserve COB technology is the use of special metal and a semiconductor material bonded material, its corrosion resistance and coefficient of thermal expansion closely matches with chips and sapphire. This material do die process, made COB with the substrate, which would be much more difficult in terms of the relative thermal conductivity can be more than copper, the future can be extended to apply street art. wanban Opto-electronic R & D team to China LED network editor said.
120cm t5 high lumen 9w~26w integated led t5 tube milky pc cover t5 tube with external driver no light points factory price .
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