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led to replace fluorescent energy saving lamps and metal halide lamp become a trend

Philips has been the world’s largest monopoly in the lighting market, it depends on the invention of the fluorescent metal halide lamp and the so-called “energy-saving lamps,” and make it China in the world of fluorescent lamps and metal halide ” (Producers), and thus has caused China to become the world’s most serious mercury-contaminated countries.

Philips Lighting has announced the closure of a number of factories around the world, including the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, The United States, Canada, Britain and other European and American countries and factories, and also announced that this year will be closed in Thailand, a factory, frequently shut down behind the plant is the reason? It is easy to see that this is clearly the face of fierce market competition, the decline in profit margins, adjusted according to market demand to respond to the strategy, and Philips (Royal Philips NV) on May 8 announced that it will split its lighting business Philips Lighting (Philips Lighting) IPO (IPO) in order to their own in the future to become a medical technology supplier. In this IPO, Philips intends to sell in the next few years all the remaining shares held by Philips Lighting shares. That Philips is about to exit the lighting market around the world. This in the global lighting industry, a generation of Jiu Xiong, this declaration end of the day.

I look at Philips this way, not my personal and it has any deep hatred, but should be said that he is the sinner of mankind, especially sinners of the Chinese people.

Philips has been the world’s largest monopoly in the lighting market, it all rely on the invention of the fluorescent metal halide lamp and the so-called “energy-saving lamps”, and make it China in the world of fluorescent metal halide lamp and “energy-saving lamps” Suppliers (producers), and thus caused China to become the world’s most serious mercury-contaminated countries.

1. Philips invented the fluorescent metal halide lamp high pressure sodium lamp and the “energy-saving lamps” all contain mercury

We all know that fluorescent lamps contain mercury. 36mm fluorescent lamps contain 25-45mg of mercury, 26mm (T8) contains 20mg of mercury. And each energy-saving lamp contains 15mg of mercury.

All of these lights are fragile glass as a shell, once the glass broken, which will soon be evaporated to the mercury in the air, and instantly make the ambient air concentration of mercury to 10-20 mg / cubic meter, more than The state provides 1000-2000 times.

2. Harmful to mercury

We know that mercury is a highly toxic metal, mercury is a very harmful to human body toxic substances, mercury can be evaporated at room temperature into a gas, mercury vapor of 0.04 to 3 mg will make people in 2 to 3 months of chronic poisoning , Up to 1.2 to 8.5 mg will cause acute mercury poisoning, should the amount to 20 mg, will lead directly to animal death.

According to Stanford University research on mercury, 1 mg of mercury is enough to pollute 5454.5 kilograms of drinking water, so that it fails to reach safe drinking standards. Mercury caused by air and water pollution, the consequences are very serious, the biological consumption of water will be generated after CH3Hg, which is a highly toxic, as long as the half-ear can cause people to doom. Mercury itself destroys the central nervous system, which causes reproductive defects to be severe. Mercury can also damage the kidneys and liver, and can even cause death in sufficient doses. Mercury can be transferred in different ways in the soil, in water, and even in the atmosphere and the food chain. Therefore, persistence, ease of migration and high bioaccumulation make mercury one of the most attractive environmental pollutants in the world.

1953-1956, a chemical plant in Minamata City, Japan will be discharged into the Gulf of mercury wastewater. Mercury in water is enriched in fish and shellfish by the food chain, and chronic mercury poisoning is caused by long-term consumption of mercury-rich fish and shellfish. This is a disease that has shocked the world – Minamata Disease. Minamata patients with language is unclear, walking instability, limb numbness, severe eye blindness, insanity, and even death. Minamata in Japan died as many as hundreds of people.

3. China’s government and people are lack of environmental protection awareness of mercury, there is no effective measures to prevent mercury pollution. For example, for all these mercury-containing lamps, the Chinese government has not established a strict recycling system. All of these mercury-containing lamps were badly discarded and then thrown into the dump. Mercury will break into the ground after the break.

The following photo is the author in the downtown area of ​​Shanghai Xujiahui a bus station was shot, the picture is a broken billboards, fluorescent glass fragments a lot, and the author walked there every day, actually two More than a week without treatment. Visible to the relevant departments for the hazards of fluorescent lamp is also ignorant.

According to the China Lighting Association statistics, China’s annual fluorescent lamp production is about 800 million, the annual consumption of fluorescent lamps for the number of more than 400 million, with about 12 tons of mercury. A few years ago the Chinese government has also issued free of charge 100 million energy-saving lamps, although the recent foreign special low-mercury energy-saving lamps can be reduced to less than 5mg of mercury (do not know the Chinese government issued is not such a low-mercury energy-saving lamps) , But did not reduce its harmfulness, because mercury is a heaviest proportion of liquid metal, once sprinkled to the ground, immediately all the way to settle down, has been encountered in groundwater and dissolved in water so far. A mercury content (5 mg) of such a low-mercury energy-saving lamp is sufficient to pollute 27.27 tons of drinking water. While 100 million energy-saving lamps mercury enough to contaminate 2.7 billion tons of water, the equivalent of several years the country’s drinking water. As for the aforementioned 12 million tons of mercury per year of 400 million fluorescent lamps, that would be enough to pollute 65.5 billion tons of water. The vast majority of cities in China can be considered groundwater has been mercury pollution! According to media reports, the US Immigration New York Immigration for Chinese medical examination, found that the body of mercury exceeded 100 times!

cree led tube

The Japanese government has a very strict recycling system, people buy a fluorescent lamp will pay twice the price, the other a price is used for recycling purposes, once the lamp is broken must be sent to the provisions of the recovery point.

4. The so-called “energy-saving lamps” is actually a curved fluorescent lamp, Philips is to deceive the Chinese government and the people and played a nice term – “energy-saving lamps.” In fact, the Chinese government to issue energy-saving lamps, LED lights have long been mature. The real effect from the energy point of view, the so-called “energy-saving lamps” is far less than the LED’s. The following is a comparison of light effects of various lights table.

The table of the various other light effects are not possible to improve, and the LED light efficiency is also increasing every year, has recently 200lm / W LED lights appeared. The light efficiency than the so-called “energy-saving lamps” more than doubled, LED is the real energy-saving lamps!

5. As the Government vigorously promote the “energy-saving lamps”, and now the production of energy-saving lamps around the country’s manufacturers are numerous, has caused serious overcapacity! In fact, now is not just to solve the problem of excess production capacity of energy-saving lamps, but as soon as possible for all these production of mercury-containing lamps pollute the environment damage to the health of the manufacturers as soon as possible “off, stop and turn” policy. So now it is imperative to help these manufacturers to transform the production of LED lights. But because they do not have LED technology, so the prevalence of wait and see attitude. The best way to solve this problem is by the Government to support the production of several LED light engine of large companies, to achieve mass production to these manufacturers to provide various types of light with the light engine. The so-called light engine is the LED light source and drive constant current source in the same piece of aluminum plate, so the light engine as long as the radiator shell is the light. So with the light engine for the downstream manufacturers do basically do not have any light and electrical engineering and technical personnel and complex optical equipment. Of course, light-driven constant current source of the efficiency of the source must be as high as 99% or more, the only such constant current source integrated into the light source of the aluminum plate will not increase the LED junction temperature and reduce the thermal efficiency of LED light source and life. At present, only Efi Levin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. to drive the constant current source efficiency can be as high as 99% or more (the figure is Effie Lai drive the constant current source of the measured efficiency).

6. Efi Levin company for a variety of light engine light

6.1 Light engine for bulb lamps

results of testing:

1. Power supply voltage: 220V

2. Input power: 7.698W

3. Power efficiency: 98%

4. Output lumens: 1014.7lm

5. The whole light efficiency: 131.81lm / W (plus mask) (200-225V,> 130lm / W)

Color temperature: 6085K

Color rendering index: 85.2

6.2 Light engine for PAR lamps

led to replace fluorescent energy saving lamps and metal halide lamp become a trend

1. Power: 10,20,30 W,

2. Light effect:> 105lm / W,

3. Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5700K

4. Color rendering index: 80

Light engine for ceiling lamps

1. Rated voltage: 220V,

2. Input Power: 16W

3. Total luminous flux: 1622lm

4. Overall luminous efficiency: 101lm / W

5. Color temperature: 3289K

Color rendering index: 80

Light engine for T5 lamps

1. Rated voltage: 220V

2. Power: 12.2W

3. Luminous flux: 1340lm

4. Light effect: 109.8lm / W

5. Color temperature: 7467K

6. Color rendering index: 83

Light engine for downlights
1. Rated voltage: 220V, 230V, 240V

2. Rated power: 8W, 23W, 30W

3. Overall luminous efficiency:> 110lm / W

4. Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K

5. Color rendering index: 70,80,90

6. Launch angle: 38 ° (after the lens is added)

Light engine for track lights D33J

1. Power: 20W, 30W, 40W

2. Voltage: 180-265Vac

3. Light effect:> 115lm / W

4. Color temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5700K

Color rendering index:> 80

6. Power factor:> 0.95

Light engine for projecting light

1. Power: 60W, 80W

2. Voltage: 185-265 Vac

3. Power factor: 0.95

4. Total luminous flux:> 7200lm,> 9600lm

5. Light effect: 115-125lm / W

6. Color temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5700K, 6500K

High power light engine

D56A: 40W 4800K 145lm / W D66: 100W 5700K 118lm / W

70W 4000K 128lm / W 150W 5700K 110lm / W

90W 5200K 127 lm / W

D80A: D80H:

60 W, 145-150 lm / W, 4900 K 60 W, 145 lm / W, 5000K

100 W, 144 lm / W, 5325 K 85 W, 140 lm / W, 5000K

120 W, 134 lm / W, 5700 K 100 W, 120 lm / W, 3000 K,

160W, 129lm / W, 5700K 150W, 116lm / W, 5700K

So now has a variety of power can be used for various types of LED lighting in the high light efficiency engine. The government should be like the promotion of “energy-saving lamps,” as vigorously promote the high light efficiency of the light engine, making all the production of various manufacturers of mercury lamps can quickly enter the LED lighting industry!

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