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led tube bulbs

led tube bulbs
Six seven Heibang Gordon QC worrying.
wanban Opto-electronic R & D team, according to reports, wanban Opto COBLT005 is currently the world’s largest power COB (power 100W), in line with the requirements of Energy Star LED packaging products, which has the most comprehensive patent protection, low thermal resistance package design, thermal resistance < 0.4 ¡æ / W, with a special gift buckle, with the best light design and thermal design. Outdoor lighting products mainly used in high-bay lights, street lamps, floodlights and so on.
Wanban refers to the new design as TCOB MCOB COB LED light source Design. The LEDs are still mounted on a central vertical structure or tower as in the original design. But rather than depending on a metal tower to conduct heat to the base, the new design has slits at the base and top of the bulb to allow air-flow across the LEDs and thermal surfaces to which they are mounted.
The installation of wanban’s tcob mcob LED T8 (16W and 22W) lights at the 7-Eleven stores has started since November 2015,. The LED tube lights lamps provide better CRI and LUX, as well as a greater uniformity of light compared to the more traditional fluorescent lamps. The long lifespan and advanced technology of LED lights bring to its users added advantages in terms of significant savings in energy usage and maintenance costs. .
led t8 integrated tube the ordinary fluorescent lamp low voltage fluorescent lamp the integration t8 fluorescent lamp charging .