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led tube fixture

led tube fixture
The mezzanine floor and the area beneath have a lower ceiling with a dark central ¡°runway¡± area above the cars. In the runway,wanban tcob mcob cob led tube lights fixtures of varying sizes and wattages create contrasting lines of light that play off the vehicles.
The new tcob mcob cob led tube light 16W LED T8 tube features a thin light engine and continuous diffusing tube that provides uniform and seamless light from end to end. ¡°Unlike other smd LED tube lights on the market, this lamp truly replaces a fluorescent tube in look and performance,¡± says Chen and Tong, product manager Wanban Opto.
led tube light (tube base double row ) 8ft integrated lamp tcob cob 2.4m 2400mm 8feet 44w ac85 265v 4400lm 44w led tube .
warranty 3 5 years 25w 1.5m tcob led t8 tube 6fit plastic t8 led tube light 1500mm g13 t8 led tube lamp ce rohs .
Lamps with light curve classification: according to their symmetry properties can generally be divided into three categories – the axially symmetric, asymmetric and symmetric light distribution.