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led tube lamp

led tube lamp
Wanban has announced an intelligent led tube lighting installation at the Ace Hardware Retail Support Center in Rocklin, CA that supplies goods to northern California retail stores. The wirelessly-networked lighting delivers 98% energy savings relative to the mix of fluorescent tubes and metal halide (MH) products that were previously used in the warehouse space.
BMW has very specific requirements for lux levels and color rendering, while Fairfield was very keen that LED tube light sources should be used to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions,¡± recalled Niji Kn. ¡°To meet these criteria, we worked closely with him on the design to achieve the optimum positioning and configuration of the tcob mcob cob led tube light fixtures fittings.¡±.
The guest-room-focused report involved seven or more 15W tubelights in each of 584 guest rooms. Moreover, the team installed wall-switch phase-controlled dimmers for many of the led tube lights. The project was installed in 2015, but subsequently the DOE visited in 2016 for a post-occupancy assessment.
If the fixture is rotating axis of symmetry, simply by using the light intensity distribution curve of a photometric axis of the plane will be able to explain the spatial intensity distribution of the light distribution in space if lamps are asymmetric, you need to several photometric luminous intensity distribution curve plane to explain the intensity of the spatial distribution.
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