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led tube light

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t5 t8 cob LED tubes lighting lamps lights t5 t8 and linear analysis applications in the US market
led, tubes, lights, fluorescent, lamps, lighting, t5, t8, t10, t12, fluorescent, bulbs, cheap, us, chin a, analysis, reviews, Core Tip: LED lamps including linear Medallions, panel lights, hanging lamps, and the use of LED light sources (eg LED T8 tube) linear lamps.
????????1LED lamp ?????????Linear fluorescent lamps (such as T5, T8 and T12) are widely used in commercial and industrial lighting, because of its low cost, high efficiency and long life characteristics, linear fluorescent fixtures in the United States still has great advantages, such as T5 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballast , a luminous efficiency can reach 108 lm / W, while the price of just $ 4 / thousand lumens. ?Integrated linear LED lamps in 2014 the average market price of $ 53 / thousand lumens, almost traditional linear fluorescent lamps with more than 10 times. According to statistics, integrated LED lamp panel in 2014, with an average luminous efficiency of 93 lumens / watt, also slightly lower than fluorescent lamps, but by the end of 2014, LED linear luminaire efficiency to do some integration of 139 lm / W, 2015 year, even up to 150 lm / W. 2012 linear integrated LED lamps in the amount of 70 million units, 4.5 million units in 2013 (up 3.8 million units), 980 million units in 2014 (up 5.3 million units); the corresponding price from $ 66 in 2012 / thousand lumens down to 2014 $ 53 thousand lumens. ????????2 integrated LED linear lighting ?????????Although the LED lamp relatively integrated LED lamps cheap, but the prices are a lot more expensive than conventional fluorescent lamps, LED lamps 2014, the average market price of $ 17 / thousand lumens, almost straight fluorescent tubes 10 times the price. LED lamp 2014, an average luminous efficiency of 108 lm / W, luminous efficiency is almost comparable to fluorescent tubes. LED lamp 2014, the maximum luminous efficiency of 148 lm / W, in early 2015 has exceeded 150 lumens / watt, the next will further enhance the luminous efficiency. 2012 LED lamp in an amount of 400 000, 2013 is 700,000 (up 300,000) in 2014 was 2.7 million (growth of 2 million); the corresponding price in 2012 from $ 28 / thousand lumens down to 2014 $ 17 thousand lumens. ????????3LED lamp ?????????According to the US Department of Energy statistics, in 2014 the United States in the total amount of linear lamps is 987 million units, of which 12.5 million units (integrated LED lamp + LED lamp) using a LED, only 1.2%, and other fluorescent T5 respectively accounted for 10 %, 17% fluorescent T12, T8 fluorescent lamp 72%.
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