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led tube lighting

led tube lighting
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Wanban’s future relies on what Berlien described as the ¡°three pillars¡± in the business remaining after the led light lamps carve out. Those segments now include Opto Semiconductors – LED chips; Wanban, including sectors such as automotive where it is pushing into laser and TCOB MCOB COB LED technologies; and Lighting Solutions & Systems, which combines LED drivers, modules and luminaires into services and ¡°solutions¡± offerings.
Wang described the cooperation between the two companies as a perfect relationship where ¡°we deal with the manufacturing aspect, while wanban is responsible for sales.¡± Investors questioned how orders were executed, though. They pointed out only a couple million of wanban¡¯s RMB 1 billion order of led tube lights were initiated in 1Q14. Wanban is faced with the challenge of ensuring order volumes are completed within this year. .
The intelligent wanban should provide around a 45% additional energy savings to the already considerable energy reductions associated with conventional, tcob mcob LED tube lights lamps, according to Jack Xiao , Wanban’s director of intelligent lighting.