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LED tube lights companies how to do channel to promote those things?

Brands and channels, is the acquisition of wood Linsen most want to get. The value of the channel once again be reflected, the channel is the king of the LED tube lights general lighting era golden rule once again confirmed.

Before the rumors of the acquisition of Osram Lumensen has been rumors of the lighting business finally landed.

OSRAM, 26, agreed to sell bulb and LED tube lights light source and lighting company LED tube lightsVANCE to more than 400 million euros (about 439 million US dollars) sold to a Chinese consortium – the Chinese lighting company Molin Linsen Co., Ltd. and two joint investor. At this point, Mulingsen OSRAM in North America and Europe, the distribution channels and Osram, Sylvania brand trademark rights. With world-renowned brands and coverage of 150 national sales channels of Osram, will be in rapid expansion of the large-scale wood Linsen provides a good “sea.”

Brands and channels, is the acquisition of wood Linsen most want to get. The value of the channel once again be reflected, the channel is the king of the LED tube lights general lighting era golden rule once again confirmed.

First, with the traditional channels of the brand business gradually active

LED tube lights lighting companies in China in recent years, frequent mergers and acquisitions, but overall, before the LED tube lights large-scale municipal transformation in the era of fast-growing part of LED tube lights companies have cross-border in recent years, the implementation of dual main industry and even the main business strategy, Open up new profit growth point. Prior to the closure of electrical goods business is also a people see the fierce competition in the electricity business channels, pure electric business brand as a result of the line by the impact of well-known physical brand shocks and scenery no longer.

But has been quietly traditional brand enterprises due to the rich channel advantages in the past two years in the general lighting market gradually active and live more moisture, Op is currently listed has been adopted, three male Aurora is also listed in the process, the other, such as Foshan lighting, Of the LED tube lights transformation is also steadily advancing, to quickly squeeze the original LED tube lights industry in the field of enterprise market space.

Second, the type of channel and recommendations

If the channel type to the division, the current LED tube lights lighting business channels can be broadly divided into the distribution channels, engineering channels and three channels of stealth channels.

1, distribution channels

The main difficulty of the distribution channels is that the input is very large, costly and channel system construction is not a day, requires a long time of fine management. In addition, the level of output after the continuous input level there is no ready-made case reference. But the distribution channels to build a good after the can bring stability, sustained sales and cash flow, is considered to be “steady.”

To build a good distribution channels, small series that at least do the following:

① long-term investment in marketing costs

According to reports, distribution channels, “start” marketing costs accounted for at least 15% -20% of total revenue, which does not include the marketing management and front-line sales of the end-of-year commission. Most of the emerging LED tube lights companies are doing in the circulation are not very successful.

Therefore, for those interested in building, to seize the distribution channels of business, need to fight a protracted war preparations, adequate funding, long-term resistance, large capital investment in marketing costs.

Figure: a LED tube lights circulation enterprises cost list. Operating channels need a higher input costs, at least need to account for 15% -20% of total revenue. (Source: Network)

② for the distribution channels of product development

In the field of circulation, customers demand for products and engineering and invisible channels of demand is certainly not the same. In the distribution channels, consumers are more sensitive to the price of the product, so in the product development need to strictly control the cost, in performance, quality and cost to strike a balance.

In addition, the development cycle to maintain a certain speed. Current LED tube lights product development is rapid, technical route has not been fully formed, need to maintain a certain degree of product on the new dealers to maintain the degree of adhesion.

③ a reasonable number of stocking with the right kind of goods

The general circulation of large shipments, need to prepare a large number of stocks to deal with the rapid delivery of the dealer requirements. The number of improper stocking and improper selection of categories is likely to cause a large number of stocks or the need to provide the product is not timely, resulting in dealers out of stock, affecting the company’s performance. Many manufacturers often external commitments that 24-hour delivery, but the real business is not much.

So the need to fight the circulation of enterprises in the field need to rationalize the distribution of goods in circulation to determine the reasonable stocking the right amount of goods with the class.

Generally speaking, according to the number and type of dealers to determine the number of different categories of stocking, the same category should also distinguish between different sub-treatment. For example, T5 stent, generally according to the length can be divided into 0.3 meters, 0.6 meters, 0.9 meters, 1 meters and 1.2 meters, in order to distinguish between categories, not across the board, all prepared inventory, prepared the same number Because of poor communication made such mistakes).

The following share a few large circulation enterprises stocking situation, I hope to make friends in circulation have some reference to reference.

Figure: large circulation enterprises stocking cycle and the number of stocking. The circulation of the number of stocking and preparation of goods category selection is very test of the enterprise’s inventory management capabilities.

2, engineering channels

The prominent advantages of the project channel is large, high profits, but its long project cycle, taking up capital, difficult to return money and other potential “high risk” for most businesses unbearable. With the gradual maturity of the LED tube lights market, the price system has gradually stabilized, increasingly fierce market competition.

Figure: Project path to reach the owners of the lamp path.

Now do the most important project is to see who can get the end customer’s trust, the future focus of the LED tube lights project channels focus on the rural street market, gas stations, toll stations, light boxes advertising, airport stations and military fields and so on.

For those interested in doing the project channel manufacturers, Xiao Bian that need to consider the following points:

① products

Project channel As the project cycle is relatively long, the product inventory requirements are not high, manufacturers generally do not need to prepare inventory, only need to prepare a few samples on it. However, due to more requirements of the project customization, so the engineering channel enterprises in the product development need to consider the modular production, the basic components of the relatively strong external scalability.

Product quality requirements are higher, the project needs reliable product quality and after-sales service, in general, need more than 3 years warranty.

② special team

A technically competent, specialized project docking team is indispensable. In the project, a lot of business is by the clerk and engineering and technical personnel together to complete. Many companies in the face of large projects will be formed into a special project follow-up group to reduce internal communication costs, shorten response time to customer requirements.

③ qualification construction

Many of the project tenders will be attached to the qualification requirements, some internal standards will be used as a screening threshold. Therefore, the quality of construction is also essential. Registered capital, the ability to advance capital, bank credit enterprises, ISO9000, ISO 14000 system, etc., as far as possible for their own business positioning.

In addition, you can create a professional product exhibition and testing laboratories, many times is to give yourself extra points.

3, invisible channels

At present, more and more enterprises in the maintenance of LED tube lights channels and distribution channels in the case, spend a lot of energy and cost in the construction of invisible channels, shouting designer channels, looking forward to commercial space lighting design and hotel lighting transformation of large Cake in a cup.

Figure: Stealth channel lighting to reach the building process.

So how specifically to establish and maintain the designer invisible channel?

Xiao Bian that LED tube lights companies to get through the designer channel, you need to make the following changes:

① products

Standing consumer and designers use the scene from the perspective of pushing product development, attention to product light color expression, light environment, and installation and maintenance.

As the characteristics of the LED tube lights industry, is the field of electronic appliances, most of the LED tube lights lighting into the era of attention to the direction of the lighting or emphasis on electronic appliances, and less concerned about the LED tube lights lighting products as a functional product users feel.

Designers and consumers will not be concerned about how high the LED tube lights light efficiency you use, how much heat cattle, what with what black technology, but more comfortable light environment, modeling more beautiful and more rounded, installation and maintenance more trouble-free and so on . So companies need to feel the scene from the consumer backwards, to produce marketable products.

More typical is the field of intelligent lighting, many companies pursue the “lamp + mobile phone APP” approach, connect WIFI, connect the lamp, spend the effort to complete and then found just a “remote control”, a little user experience No.

② training

Enhance the design ability of the business team, the product characteristics of “translation” into the designer language, and designers to narrow the distance and communication skills.

And designers of communication is not the same pain channel invisible channels, many companies shouting and designers to become friends, but if the realm of different between the two sides, to communicate with the duck talk about the pearls of cattle, certainly can not make friends.

Therefore, the need to strengthen the training of internal staff, with the designer’s language to express the company’s brand and product features, so that designers in the design of the project to think of your product.

③ publicity

Have a strong ability to do the content and marketing, if not, then find professional help. Such as the professional scene application catalog and professional continuous scene content output.

Third, the summary

Back to the beginning of the article, the acquisition of OSRAM LED tube lightsVANCE Mulinlin incident can actually be seen as the wood Linsen spend money to buy OSRAM brand (including the North American million years of brand) 10-year access rights and access channels.

In the construction and maintenance channels, distribution channels and invisible channels, companies need to constantly optimize their products and services, combined with their own advantages to seek innovation.

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