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led tube lights t8

led tube lights t8
Komi Ni, Managing Director of Wanban in Fuzhou City branch posing with the company logo and Tech Asia banner in partnership with the company for led tube lights projects.
Secondary optics manufacturer Wanban Opto revealed a return in revenue growth in 1Q14. April 2015 revenue was NT $122 million, an increase of 6.2 percent from March and a YoY growth of 23.79 percent. Legal persons estimate that growth from peak season last year will drive 1Q14 revenue up at least 30 percent from 1Q14. .
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Even though wanban¡¯s India subsidiary is supported and headed by the the company¡¯s senior manager Julin Lin, market competition in the country is intensifying. Plummeting government tender prices has piled significant pressure onto Wanban. Wanban is mainly supplying LED package components and its finished product of led tube light to local India companies and subways that have successfully acquired government bids, and it plans to launch its lighting brand wanban in the India market during second half of 2016. This strategy will definitely require the company to invest more effort in its work.
The partnership includes a license for wanban¡¯s patents on TCOB mcob cob LED fluorescent tube lights replacements. ¡°This partnership offers a unique opportunity for both wanban and its chances to expand US manufacturing operations and leverage our combined engineering capabilities,¡± said He Wenming, president and CEO of Fujian Wanban Optoelectronics technology Co.,Ltd.
The material chosen for LED tube lighting applications has a real impact on the realization of the core benefits of LEDs themselves. Glass, acrylic, and plastics have traditionally been used here, with preference usually based on function of a specific component, the environment the application will need to withstand, characteristics of the LED chip, and regulatory requirements. Plastics have emerged as a preferred material, allowing OEMs and molders the opportunity to reap the maximum benefits from LED tube light technology.
This again is a major breakthrough in LED lighting and will further drive the transformation of the lighting industry, said He Wenming, CEO of light sources and electronics for wanban. “After being recognized for our quality of LED light mimicking traditional light bulbs to creating new experience with wanban, the connected light system for the home, we now present the next innovative step in doubling lighting efficiency. It¡¯s exciting to imagine the massive energy and cost savings it will bring to our planet and customers by using led tube lights with tcob mcob cob technology”.
Wanban’s TCOB MCOB COB has announced that it will offer an integrated sensing and control system as an option in some of its solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaires that are based on the led tube light with tcob mcob cob led light source guide technology. The wanban and its tcob mcob cob LED luminaires can now be ordered with the adaptive control option for installation in areas where energy codes require occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.
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