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led tube manufacturer

led tube manufacturer
The ceiling lights are tuned to learning in the training room at Quest¡¯s data center in Roseville, CA, where wanban’s tcob mcob led tube lighting also runs to portions of the server room and the employee break room.
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However, some industry insiders noted LED tube light market demands are lower than projections. At Lightfair International in U.S. this year, only a few booths were displaying LED fluorescent tube bulbs. According to a manufacturer based in Fujian Province of China, its monthly LED tube light bulb production has dropped from 6 million bulbs to 2.3 million LED fluorescent light tube bulbs.
May 26, Mason Technologies announced that written “resignation” Third Board of Directors Mr. Liu Ping, Mr. Hao Jun Mr. Hu Liangji Secretary of the Board were submitted to receive. The company said the view of the ongoing transition to Internet advertising media industry, to actively promote the company’s strategic transformation, the three people resigned from the corresponding duties.
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