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led tubes
Tcobled team will unite together to win the future by fighting in the LED Blue Ocean  Led lighting t8 t5 t10 t12 lamps tubes Abstract: In the current rapid development of LED industry, a led light tubes and led light bulbs manufacturer with full sense of responsibility and mission – Fujian Wanban Optoelectronics has been in pursuit of a dream of manufacturing a world-renowned brand of LED lighting. Having experienced 21 years of ups and downs in led lighting business, wanban members always abide by the faith, solidarity and make full use of the technology advantage amied at jointly fighting in LED blue ocean.
At the time of all wanban members united collective strength, technology is a big helpful weapon for wanban to enter LED lighting market since after many years of battle for market share in led lighting. Over time, technological leadership has also become a development guideline IMC photoelectric convention. In the eyes of peers, IMC photovoltaic technology is a true pioneer.
Since 2008, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and Wanban formed a strategic partnership, establishing the close cooperation both personnel, technology and information and so on. With the strong support of scientific research strength by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Bereau, now He Wenming has nearly a team of hundred members of photovoltaic R & D and R & D services in various sectors, escorting for the development of lighting technology.
In the field of LED package, wanban’s cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and developed the technology of MCOB, ceramic packaging technology and TCOB led light technology. At the same time in the field of lighting heat dispersion, wanban is also active in the photovoltaic technology research, and successfully developed a high-performance LED heat dissipation and dispersion glue, and other key some other technologies in drivers or fluorescent powder.
In 2012, wanban adopted these technologies to develop LED fluorescent tubes lights and LED light bulbs, found lumens reach 170LM per watt, which refresh the highest luminous efficiency record after the company created 140LM per watt among LED fluorescent tubes and LED bulb industry , among the international advanced levels.
The Chairman of Wanban, Mr. He Wenming is pleased to say that under the same power consumption, our LED tube light products luminous efficiency are 20% higher than that of our counterparts, but product unit sale prices are 40% lower compared with that of peers.
Some led tube light experts said the wanban has a double break both in LED light effect and prices , which would help to break the international giants of the key LED lighting technology lockup, and lay a solid foundation for a low-cost global LED lighting industry.
However, the pace of technological development of wanban did not stop, they will now advance to update the second generation packaging technology TCOB process, the MCOB-¢ò. According to He Wenming introduced, wanban has spent six years of painstaking research and development in MCOB-¢ò, whihc is a cross-IMC first photoelectric type MCOB packaging technology, with a perfect solution and feature of high luminous efficiency, high life and high stability characteristics of low prices.
MCOB-¢ò light distribution structure of cross combination, with silver alloy plate special treatment, thermal power up to 90 percent, using the technology developed LED lamp entire lighting efficiency of up to 140lm per watt, while the new technology TCOB packahing now reaches 188-200 lm per watt.
Currently, wanban workshop production line is in a tight and hectic running. It is reported that wanban is dealing with the orders pouring in from around the world.
Every one in wanban deserves the achievements, wanban’s development soaks every staff’s hard work and sweat, it because wanban has every employee’s dedication and selfless dedication and forge ahead in unity so lay wanban a indestructible foundation for development.
Wanban member firmly believe that under the leadership by CEO He Wenming, wanban will fight in LED “Blue Ocean” by oversome all the difficulties and barriers, and win a brilliant future for every led tube light,led t5, led t8 lights or more led tubes lighting consumers!
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