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led tubes lights

led tubes lights
1.2m 1.5m 180 degree white and silver ra80 12w 16w 20w high performance led tube 1.5m g13 light g13 led t5 t8 tube light 0.9m .
The mcob tcob cob led tube light Series follows what wanban calls an extremely successful LED-based fixture in the tcob cob mcob Series announced in 2015 for parking garages. It said the company wasn’t sure it could innovate further in the use of LEDs for garage lighting. But it also said in the case of the tcob cob mcob that “form really follows function on this in a lot of ways.”.
With LED lighting sales channels of the maturing of globalization, support the full voltage range of work has become an essential characteristic of the LED driver. Followed by the grid are different in different regions of the existence of the diversity of the surge voltage to “LED lamp no flicker, high efficiency, high PF value of the drive control technology” as the core manufacturing LED fluorescent lamp drive through the automatic lightning surge generator test them (test standard:. CBT17626.5-2008 Preferences: 1.5KV pulse voltage for each phase (¡À 0 ¡ã phase, ¡À 90 ¡ã phase, ¡À 180 ¡ã phase, ¡À 270 ¡ã phase) impact 5 times, 60 seconds each time.
Chongqing market in the past year, LED lighting market price as a whole fell by about 20 per cent range. The reason, Zhu Ming Building Material Co., Ltd. Chongqing Gold, director of sales, mainly for two reasons: first, the raw material product updates too fast, and the prices of raw materials continue to decline; second, product technology matures, the market for LED lighting increasing acceptance of the product.
Wanban is a brand that it has used for years to indicate 95-CRI or better tcob mcob cob led packaging technology of led tube light and led light bulb with superior light quality in its higher-end products. The TCOB or MCOB 2th was launched as a New Technology Lighting product back in 2012. Wanban has delivered the 95-CRI capability in a variety of ways in terms of product design. One common implementation, used in the tcob Series, is a combination of what the company calls top chips on board LEDs combined with LEDs directly on the pcb board then together combine in a product. The technlogy has delivered high-CRI white light with a lesser efficacy penalty relative to other high-CRI approaches such as using a 95CRI phosphor-converted white LED. Today, newer 95 CRI LEDs have also become much more efficient, but there are many 95-CRI products on the market that use the two-channel approach.