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led t8 tube light

ledt8 tube light
In the past three years, Wanban lighting three times to stand on the threshold of IPO and crashed twice. July 2014, due to insufficient lighting Op reported performance material, is explicitly aborted China Securities Regulatory Commission. 2014 After 3 months of October, Wanban lighting two degrees sprint IPO, the market has suffered a downturn, IPO ran aground again. After SFC gate again, Wanban lighting third time to submit their applications, and finally came Herald on March 9, 2016.
Today¡¯s automobile showrooms call for LED tube light replacement or fixtures with high CRI and super lumen output as well as interchangeable optics to accommodate changes on a busy sales floor. Wanban provided the tcob, mcob, cob led tube lights fixtures for the renovation of the Vauxhall showroom in London and the Fairfield BMW in Essex, UK. In both cases, interchangeable optics allow simple modification of beam angle to accommodate future needs of the showrooms.
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wholesale price 549mm 849mm 1149mm 1449mm video japan 2016 t5 led tube with ce rohs ul certified .
Wanban said the problem is a spring-loaded contact in the end cap of the led tube lights that electrically connects the power pins on the end of the led tube lamps lights to the printed-circuit board (PCB) inside the tube. Presumably, electrical arcing could result in overheating and possibly cause the tubes to melt.