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light tube
There are 10 important details for LED fluorescent tube lights to avoid lighting accidents
1, LED fluorescent tube lights lamp power constant it will certainly be Why? ? LED semiconductor characteristics determined by their greater environmental impact, such as the temperature rises, the LED current will increase; increase the voltage, the LED current will increase.
Permanent override rated things will greatly shrink service life of the LED. The LED is a constant current and voltage at environmental factors such as temperature changes, ensure its current stable of things.
2, LED t5 t8 tubes fluorescent lamp power to how we can stand with the lamp room? ?
Some customers plan to the light board, find the power, in line with the invention is difficult to have the power, or too much current, the voltage is too small (as I> 350mA, V <40V); or the current is too small, the voltage is too high (eg I < 40mA, V> 180V), the result is severe fever, subject to low input voltage category probably not enough.
In fact, choose a string and then the most sophisticated method, applied to each LED on the voltage and current is the same, and the result of power able to play the best performance. The best method is to power and the same vendor, tailored.
3, LED fluorescent lights tubes lamp power thing is how much current is most consistent with it? ?
Like things usually rated LED current 20 mA, and some workshops used to make the start, Program 20 mA, the current reality of this matter is very serious fever, after numerous test match scheduled to be 17 to 19 milliamps ambition than the force, recommended plan is 18 mA.
4, the voltage LED power thing is how much of it? ?
Like things usually LED’s recommended voltage is 3.0-3.5V, tested, most things 3.125V, 3.125V so by calculating the formula than the force of justice. M light bead in series the total voltage = 3.125 * M.
5, series and parallel LED light board with wide voltage to how wide it? ?
To make things LED tubes t5 t8 lamp input voltage is wider than the scope of the category of force (full voltage) AC85 ~ 265V, the LED lamp series-parallel plate method is very important.
Now that the power cut off as generally non-buck power supply, wide voltage, the output voltage do not override 72V, input voltage scope can reach 85 ~ 265V is. That is to say, the number of series 23 not override string.
Do not count too much in parallel, or things too much current, severe fever, and recommended for the 6/8 and / 12 and. Total current 240 mA not override as well.
Another kind of wide voltage solutions, is first with L6561 / 7527 held high a voltage to 400V, then the buck, equivalent to two switching power supply, cost twice as expensive, this program cost is not high, there is no market.
6, LED series and parallel and PFC power factor and wide voltage stakeholders is what? ?
PFC power supply on the market now has three environments:
One is not a dedicated circuit with PFC, the PFC as is usually around 0.65; one is with a passive PFC circuit, light board horses prepared well, PFC as is usually around 0.92; also is active with an automatic 7527/6561 type circuit to do, PFC can reach 0.99, but the cost of this program is twice as expensive than the second option.
The second scenario is more so. Deal with passive PFC circuit: also called valley-fill PFC circuit, the voltage thing visible is the exchange of half of the input voltage spikes. If the input is 180V, the peak is 180 * 1.414 = 254V, peak voltage half 127V, the buck minus differential pressure 30V, maximum output is 90V, so the number of LED lamp series up to 28 strings.
Therefore, in order to give greater power than the power factor, number of series lamp beads can not be too much, otherwise, can not reach the low voltage requirements.
7, LED fluorescent lamp power constant current accuracy is most in line with how much? ?
Some current precision on the market power of the poor, like the city market PT4107 / HV9910 / BP2808 / SMD802 programs on the situation prevailing constant current programs deviation reach 8% or 10%, constant deviation is too large. Like usually require 3% on it.
Deviation of 3%, 6 parallel deviation of about 0.5% per channel, if it is 12 channels in parallel, each channel deviation is about 0.25%, the sufficient accuracy of. Accuracy is too high, the cost will greatly increase. And in terms of LED, 17 mA and 17.5 mA little effect.
8, cut off / non sever ?
Like usually cut off the power supply, such as made of 15W, LED lamp placed in its transformer bulky, difficult to put in here. Especially for T6 / T8 lamp, almost no rough, so sever as usual can do 15W, 15W rarely override, and the price is very expensive.
So, cut off the cost is not high, usually black and white as to sever the more mainstream, the volume can be made smaller, the minimum can be done 8 mm high, in fact, cut off non-peaceful pace well, the problem does not exist aims.
9, LED fluorescent lamp lights t5 t8 tubes power to obey ?
Output power (output voltage * LED output current / input power). This parameter is particularly important, if the subject has a low power input means that a large part is converted into heat that comes out; if it is contained within the tube will produce a very high temperature, coupled with a light efficiency of our LED ratio of emitted heat, will produce a higher temperature superposition.
10, LED fluorescent lamp t5 t8 lights power supply Dimensions ? Height is an important factor defined, as tube commonly used to T6 / T8 size requirements can not be too highly ¡Ü9 mm. T10 tube height ¡Ü15 mm. Length can be rather long, but easy to heat.
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