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light tubes

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light tubes
How many pcs of Led tube lights lamps fluorescent string for a led tube light is okay?
I have been got a year’s Led tube lights lamps fluorescent, and after N trials to T8, for example, feel 0.6M lamp arrangement 156 lamp input power of 9W. Actually used in the load is around 8W. T10 lamps of the same length as the cooling area bigger, lamp beads to arrange to 174 per only 0.06W calculate the actual power should be 10.44W, then the drive power plus consumption must be: 11.5W it. 1.2M previous 276 are used, there are many manufacturers to 288, power is slightly larger than before, calculate the real power should be: 17.28W, take 17W, plus the loss of 1.5W, the circuit can be done 18.5W. Of course, it depends on your computing power lamp beads quality, but also the power of temperature. The following explains the relationship between series and parallel We use a wide variety of power now, at least on the market there are dozens of step-down IC, as far as I use QX9910, it can be very suitable for 220V power supply voltage from 160V-260V very easy to use, the T8-T10, 1.2M t8 t5 tubes lights led for the series 48 and 6 24 parallel series 12, series 48 LED current is very small when, so the heat is also small. But not in the original have inductive ballast on the use, in order to use the series 24 will in the ballast, parallel 12. Heat a little bigger, but only tepid. Only when QX9910 at 110V with 10W power, everyone knows this IC drive voltage is too low to drive high current. Therefore, this driver IC, to the Western European market has not the problem. Now Led tube lights lamps fluorescent beads, broken itself has a resistance exists, do not worry about a bad bunch does not shine. Another is the series 12 and 24, this circuit is very common, there is generally a transformer circuit, output matching transformer, it is suitable, sometimes in the tube sides, top, and some equipment in the lamp holder. There is not an isolation circuit configured this way lamp beads, but the existing IC does not seem to be competent, great heat, so that the heat of the LED is a threat to the long-term work in the lamp at a high temperature environment, power supply not necessarily reliable. T10 Needless to say, how have good equipment, but relatively small T8 lamp driver circuit to make up some trouble, from T8 23MM-25MM in diameter. The following describes the two rows of lights series-parallel method Two rows of lamps are widely used in most Grille, it does not glare into the lighting industry and received by users, such 1.2M lamp 216 generally dominated, and some series 54 27 range. No matter how series, always match and a driver circuit, there are two rows of bright light tubes, power supply such lamps are used most isolated, the power supply is placed at both ends of the effective power of about 12W, the power at both ends paper or lamp cover, and some on the upper part of the tube. A row of lights above the main power 0.5W lamp, called 0.5W lamp beads there is no certain standard, and sometimes do and sometimes do is 70MA is 100AM, no standard. There is also a watt lamp row, 10 -16 pieces, using conventional step-down IC test I can do 12W, then bigger severe heat, there must be a sufficiently large heat sink down. Such lamps are mostly SMD package, due to the small number of lights, installation is also very provincial working hours, and now ordinary buck driver with 200MA still full enough, so this tubes led lamp is not driven design difficulty.
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