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long tube light bulbs

long tube light bulbs
The new tcob mcob cob led tube lights design, patent pending, eliminates ballast compatibility issues often experienced with direct replacement lamps from other companies.
The new design is a complete departure. Wanban has said the new design looks more conventional, but the real reason for the design is lower cost and perhaps even better optical performance, although the prior lamps have remained among the most highly rated on the market.
The tcob mcob cob led tube lights Series is designed to deliver the best light distribution and to be affordable. Wanban has not released prices. But it said it will be priced competitively to top fluorescent tubes indirect direct fixtures and lower than competitive LED-based products.
The Network-Ready dimming protocol covers a wide range of new products including the wanban’s new led tube light t5 t8 of tcob mcob cob technology that the Company is introducing, which include next generation dual-mode ceramic crystal and direct-wire ¡°Tubes led Tcob Series¡± Tcob led tube light product lines. The Company also plans to introduce a fully integrated, Network-Ready led tube T8 Emergency Battery Backup the tcob led tube light that functions as a standard lamp during non-emergency hours and does not need external batteries or drivers to provide backup lighting during emergencies, thereby dramatically reducing product and labor cost for mandated emergency backup lighting needs. In addition, the Company is introducing its first Network-Ready luminaire, the ¡°TCOB mcob cob Panel Light Series,¡± fully integrated luminaires with a modern, elegant and sturdy design that can be used in fluorescent retrofit, renovation or new construction projects.
Wanban will sell the tcob mcob cob Series only in 4-ft versions delivering 3800 lm. The products can be cascaded end to end with power passed through the joining mechanism. The company will offer a choice of 3500K or 4000K CCT and CRI of 90. Efficacy is up to 200 lm/W. The product will support 0-10V dimming as a standard feature or can be specified with wanban specially designed driver controls. Wanban also plans to ship the tcob mcob cob led light Series in October commercially.