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long tube lights

long tube lights
Featuring a configurable design that can accommodate up to six LED tube light modules, the tcob mcob cob Series LED tube Luminaire is a one-to-one replacement for ABHX-Series models. It is available in 15 lumen packages that deliver more light while consuming less energy than the others, resulting in shorter paybacks for end users. The tcob mcob cob Series of led tube light offers a customizable design that can accommodate up to four modules, is available in a CE-certified version and optimizes the LED tube light system inside the fixture to yield even greater energy efficiency.
Indeed Wanban speculated that the technology developed in the Tcob mcob cob LED tube lights project could be broadly used in wanban products. The company will likely leverage parts of the technology in tcob led tube lights lamps to luminaires just as it has used lessons learned from the A Prize winning development in subsequent products.
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