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nanjing lighting tubes innovation into the lighting industry pioneer

nanjing lighting tubes innovation into the lighting industry pioneer

In recent years, the industry is generally optimistic about the LED market prospects, resulting in capacity expansion is much faster than the demand growth rate, product standards are not established, uneven product quality, through low-cost competition is more common. Faced with such an industry background, how in the fierce competition to form their own brand, for market share? nanjing lighting tubes Technology Co., Ltd. (nanjing lighting tubes ) in the risk of the market without fear, in product development, business philosophy, energy saving and environmental protection and other aspects of innovation, out of a unique brand of their own road and become the lighting industry pioneer.

Technology is the first competitive edge

In the era of knowledge economy, how to face the challenges, seize the opportunity to achieve their own leaps and bounds? In the LED industry, the level of technological innovation is directly related to the strength of a company’s competitiveness, the level of productivity level, the quality of enterprise level. nanjing lighting tubes fully aware of technological innovation in the industry competition in the important position in recent years, has been committed to the industry technological innovation.

Nanjing Hao Jing Zhang Hou, general manager of lighting to the “China Sankei Shimbun,” told reporters that the circuit temperature is too high will lead to increased light failure, the circuit temperature is an important reason for LED lamp life. In this regard, the company set up technical team in recent years has been committed to circuit technology research and development, nearly 7 years of durable performance testing and product aging experiments, Hao Jing LED circuit than conventional LED application circuit energy efficiency increased by 20% or more, with good stability and reliability Sexual superiority. At present, nanjing lighting tubes has applied for a number of national patents, the circuit is expected to become the mainstream of LED application circuit. In the world-class LED company’s competition has a unique technical advantages of Hao Jing.

Have their own advantages of LED circuit technology, the nanjing lighting tubes design is also distinctive in the structure, lighting products and Hao Jing LED circuit technology used to match the high-quality small and medium-power LED lamp beads. Compared to high-power LED products in lighting effects, heat dissipation, life and so on more obvious advantages. The LED lighting products applicable to shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, municipal authorities, factories, municipal street lamps and other places. From the circuit to the structural design, nanjing lighting tubes technology with the industry by virtue of other LED products with the difference, formed its own core competitiveness.

Innovative ideas to promote effective

Occupy the market share of the test of each business operators. Faced with a variety of options, whether to achieve the maximization of their interests is a key factor in attracting consumers.

nanjing lighting tubes , “our investment, energy-saving 90% of the two sides benefit” concept, is standing on the consumer’s point of view, from installation to maintenance as far as possible not to spend a penny to consumers. For example, the underground parking garage, the original traditional T8 fluorescent tube power 40W, switching to Hao Jing LED intelligent lamp power average of about 4W, saving about 90%, that electricity costs savings of 90%. In other words, if the original public lighting electricity expenses is 10,000 yuan, is only 1,000 yuan, saving 9,000 yuan, while the savings of 9,000 yuan to benefit both sides. This business philosophy not only to meet the interests of consumers seeking to bring profits for the enterprise, and in energy saving and environmental protection has a huge social benefits, creating a win-win-win situation.

Environmental responsibility to play

At present, China mainly rely on thermal power, which accounts for about 78% of the national power generation. Coal is a non-renewable resource, and coal power generation is likely to lead to greenhouse gas emissions, causing global warming.

If China’s annual 10% of the traditional light source is replaced by LED, saving 9 billion degrees, equivalent to 864 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Each traditional energy-saving lamps mercury content of about 5 mg or less, 1 mg of mercury into the ground, can cause about 360 tons of water pollution.

nanjing lighting tubes duty-bound to strictly abide by the state “energy-saving emission reduction” requirements, the comprehensive promotion of LED lighting products, the protection of the motherland’s mountains and rivers.

In recent years, nanjing lighting tubes and its cooperation units to achieve a win-win benefits, to honor the other party to spend a penny of commitment to take up the responsibility of energy saving and environmental protection, widely acclaimed in the industry.

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