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overview of 20 led enterprises’ patent and protection

For LED lighting business, the patent is the driving force of enterprise development, but also intangible assets. Only in the technology leader in order to have the opportunity to win the market.

With the LED lighting development speed, intense competition in the market, LED lighting industry homogenization of the proliferation of “price war” continued, leading to LED products, gross margin continued to decline, so that LED companies into the market vicious competition. However, how companies in the market competition out of it? “Technological innovation” is perhaps the most important, as the core competitiveness of enterprise development, its competition as much as the market sales and channel competition, so LED enterprises to strengthen scientific research capabilities!

For LED lighting business, the patent is the driving force of enterprise development, but also intangible assets. Only in the technology leader in order to have the opportunity to win the market. However, the current LED enterprise patent layout of the situation?

20 domestic LED enterprise patent situation

Three of the photoelectric

As of the end of 2015, the three optical patents and proprietary technology 885, the majority of invention patents, intellectual property protection system has been sustained and effective construction, sales channels for the company to provide a solid guarantee.

BDO Runda

As of the end of 2015, BDO Runda has been patented 505, including 63 invention patents.

Huacan photoelectric

In 2015, Huacan Optoelectronics won 20 patents, including 14 invention patents, utility model 5, design 1.

Wood Linsen

In 2015, Mulin Sen has been authorized 234 patents, including 12 invention patents, utility model patents 152, the appearance of 70 patents.

National Star Power

As of December 31, 2015, the country Star Power 337 patents, a total of 293 authorized patents, including 278 domestic patents and 15 authorized overseas patents. Among them, 37 patents were granted, including 28 domestic invention patents, 5 US invention patents, 3 Korean invention patents and 1 Taiwan invention patents.

Hongli photoelectric

In 2015, Hongli Optoelectronics received a total of 176 patents, including 12 invention patents. 87 new patent admissions, of which 33 invention patents. As of the end of 2015, the company and its subsidiaries have obtained 613 patents, of which 31 patents have been granted. A total of 126 patents have been accepted, including 72 invention patents.

Rectangular Group

Rectangular Group made a total of 243 patents, including 86 utility model patents, invention patents 3, the appearance of 154 patents.

The photoelectric

In 2015, through continuous innovation, the joint creation of a variety of patents made 50, of which utility model patents 34, invention patents 4, the appearance of three patents, software, copyright 9.

Science and Technology

Wanrun science and technology made a total of 38 patents, including utility model patents 23, the appearance of 15 patents.


As of the end of 2015, Liard has been granted patents in the country and has been granted a total of 589 patents for software production, of which 438 patents have been granted, including 58 invention patents, utility model patents 267, design patents 113; Grant of software production rights 151.

There are 67 authorized and pending patents in foreign countries, among which 21 have been granted patents and 46 are pending.

Chau Ming Technology

As of the end of 2015, Chau Ming Technology has obtained 184 authorized patents, of which 128 utility model patents (15 overseas patented patents), 32 invention patents (8 overseas patents), 24 design patents (1 overseas authorization Patent); 6 granted software copyrights, PCT2 items.

Lehman shares

As of the end of 2015, Lehman shares and wholly owned subsidiaries have been authorized and have been accepted 208 patents, are the original acquisition. Among them, in 2015 the company and wholly-owned subsidiary has been authorized and has received a total of 39 patents, including 26 authorized patents, has been accepted 13 patents, PCT applications 1, has been patented Right in the patent, the utility model patents 15, the appearance of 11 patents.

Alto Electronics

2015, Alto Electronics and holding subsidiaries of a total of 56 patent applications, including 18 invention patents; a total of seven applications for software copyright. As of the end of 2015, the Company and its holding subsidiaries have obtained a total of 364 authorized patent certificates.

Kingsun photoelectric

By the end of 2015, Kingsun Optoelectronics has 366 patents, of which 93 are invention patents, 163 are utility models, and 110 are design patents.

Sunlight lighting

Sunlight authorized 337 national patents, of which 62 were authorized invention patents, domestic utility model patents 123, access to foreign patents 2, presided over the participation in the drafting of national standards 38.

Foshan lighting

The past two years, Foshan Lighting has been authorized and has applied for a total of 155 patents, of which 82 have been authorized patents, including a invention patent, utility model patents 47, design patents 34; has applied for 73 patents , Including 12 invention patents, utility model patents 33, design patents 28. As of the end of 2015, the company received a total of 321 patents, including five invention patents, utility model patents 106, 210 designs.

Feile audio

Feile music has been formed, including 18 patents, including 130 patents, software copyright and other independent intellectual property rights.

Ocean King lighting

As of December 31, 2015, Ocean King lighting has 2214 domestic patents and 232 PCT foreign invention patents; of which domestic patents include 1813 invention patents, utility model 237, design 164.

The Wright

As of the end of 2015, Jin Wright has 21 invention patents, 136 utility model patents, 249 appearance patents.

Power supply

Mogao Power and its subsidiaries mainly hold 16 invention patents, 94 utility model patents, 16 design patents and 8 domestic software copyrights.

How to maintain innovation technically

If an enterprise with the body to say, then the LED technology innovation is the blood, for LED enterprises, by increasing the LED lighting new product development efforts and technological upgrading to a certain extent able to grasp the LED mainstream trends, by analyzing the LED lighting products Pattern and positioning, in product design, quality improvement and cost control continue to make new breakthroughs.

Lianchuang Optoelectronics said that in 2015 the company initially formed a post-doctoral research station project and the company’s future technological innovation and product development strategy of a high degree of integration of the mode of operation, and promote the transformation and development, accelerate the formation of new product economic growth. The company focused on the development of LED “smart lighting” and “flip-chip technology” project, organized by the two Dr. Dr. station, the product of technological innovation and market demand combined to promote rapid R & D technology into industrial technology. Relevant units have also established a high degree of correlation between technological innovation and market efficiency incentive mechanism, or to introduce Hongcheng Distinguished experts, technical experts in Taiwan and other “by the brain to attract intellectual” initiatives to achieve some breakthroughs in key technologies to promote new product development has made great progress .

overview of 20 led enterprises' patent and protection

Kingsun photoelectric that the company has always attached importance to core technology research and development, through scientific research and strategic cooperation, and Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhongshan University, Tongji University, South China University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University and other famous universities LED applications Of the production and research cooperation, the implementation of resource sharing, complementary advantages. It is understood that Kingsun Technology in the fruitful results, including high-power LED lights have passed the national authority of the three tests, while high-power semiconductor lighting products in the secondary optical systems, cooling systems and other application technology is also a major breakthrough.

Feilo said that through cooperation with the University of California, University of Missouri, Japan Kyushu University, Fudan, Tongji, Shanghai, Donghua University and National Semiconductor Lighting Joint Laboratory, the International Zhaga standards organizations to carry out technical research and development, The National Science and Technology Support, the Natural Science Foundation and the Shanghai Research Project Project, to obtain the key technology of solid micro-mercury, quartz and ceramic metal halide lighting the key technology, LED lighting product design key technology, AC-HV-LED core module The key technology and lighting applications design system technology and a number of lighting-related core technologies.

BDO Runda said that the company has a total of more than 800 R & D technical personnel, including from the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions of the world’s leading LED scientists and engineers at the same time companies and universities to carry out production and research cooperation, greatly enhanced , Strengthening the company’s research and development team and research and development capabilities. The company and its subsidiaries in the LED business has made dozens of patented technology. Formed by the Central Research Institute as the core, chip, package and lighting research institute to cooperate with each other LED research and development system, technological innovation ability ranks the forefront of the industry.


Enterprises through scientific research and strategic cooperation in the experimental and practical complementary research and development approach is very effective, according to Xiaobian personal experience, then in college and corporate technology issues now become part of the patented technology. In addition there are a lot of LED companies through patent exchange, or enterprise cooperation to achieve technological innovation, in the upstream and downstream industry chain through cooperation with customers to go out and maintain high-end technology, can use large-scale production, low-cost Program, to extend life, good light effect, so that more competitive products to win the market.

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