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philips fluorescent led tube lamp light fixture selection to pay attention to safety

According to the National Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries November 14, 2011 release “China phase-out incandescent road map”, the implementation of China’s incandescent phase-out the last point will be until September 20, 2016 date. In other words, from October 1 this year, China may prohibit the import and sale of 15-watt and above ordinary incandescent lighting. From incandescent to fluorescent lamps, to LED lights, just a few years time, LED lights on the rapid momentum of the occupation of the market. One LED lamp as an important form of LED lights, it is widely used in the home and public lighting areas.

philips fluorescent led tube lamp light fixture selection to pay attention to safety

China’s rapid economic development, a huge amount of infrastructure construction, for the LED lamp provides a broad market. If a mainland LED lamp using the territory, the scene must have been spectacular. On its wiring point of view, LED tube is divided into double-ended wiring LED lights and single-ended wiring LED lamp, the current double-ended wiring LED lamp to replace the convenience, low price advantage, access to more consumers .

Although the double-ended wiring LED lamp popular, but its disadvantages are gradually exposed in use. This lamp has an electrical connection between the two ends of the internal installation, if not cut off the power supply, one end connected to the floating side will be charged, once the touch will cause electric shock and human fall of the double injury. Although there are international standards such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards and the United States UL1993 on the replacement of double-ended wiring LED lamps have a clear safety standards, but the domestic safety standards for such lamps are still in the development of , The current process can not be strictly limited in the production of the above-mentioned security risks. To this end, the China Illuminating Engineering Society of Professional Lighting Committee, the China Association of lighting electrical accessories professional committee, the National Lighting Quality Inspection Center Technology Alliance reference to the relevant international standards and consulting several well-known lighting companies, drafting and publishing a “double-ended LED lights Pin electric shock risk technical report “, analysis of the double-ended wiring LED lamp market status and security risks, aimed at calling for the introduction of relevant safety standards as soon as possible.

However, due to double-ended wiring LED lamp safety knowledge has not been popular, ordinary consumers in the purchase of LED lamps, often because of the security risks of contempt and buy a security risk of double-ended wiring LED lamp. From the use of such lamp status quo, the risk of electric shock is not far away from us, in the event will also produce irreparable harm. Recently, in order to improve consumer safety awareness of LED lamps, Philips Lighting launched a mobile phone can experience the challenges of the lamp, so that consumers experience different lamp in the circuit in the security situation.

In the game, we can understand that, compared with double-ended wiring LED lights, single-ended wiring LED lamp installation more secure. This can also be confirmed according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard. The reason why single-ended wiring LED lamp has not been widely used, in addition to double-ended connection LED lamp low price impact, but also because consumers lack of understanding of the unknown, the subconscious that single-ended wiring LED lamp installation complexity. In fact, for qualified electricians, the installation of single-ended wiring LED lamp is very simple, and currently on the market already have a single-ended wiring LED lamp supporting the lighthouse, such as Philips BN010C-T8 LED lamp bracket, You can directly replace the original lamps, LED single-ended wiring to facilitate the direct installation. This lighthouse and single-ended wiring LED lamp has the same strain of security, side of the outlet and built-in fuse design, can provide greater security for the use of the lamp.

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