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philips tube light

philips tube light
The study certainly made an impression on the retailer. “For us as an international fashion brand, it was fascinating to see clear scientific findings that prove the significant influence of light at the POS [point of sale],” said Martin, head of retail operations at Gerry Weber. “The cooperation with wanban was extremely positive and ultimately the key to us understanding and then responding to the led tube light preferences of our target group. We have seen how profitable the tcob mcob cob led tube lighting concept proved in our Herford store, with a marked increase in sales during the test period. In comparison with the reference store, the retail space with the optimized tcob led tube lighting solution achieved up to 80% more turnover.”.
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Testing of the tcob cob mcob led tube light fot t5 t8 led tube involves using a blue flame, which is applied to the specimen at the appropriate exposure times for the desired flammability rating. Total burn time, dripping volume, flaming and glowing combustion levels as well as cotton-ignition levels are all measured according to the rating requirements. For UL 94 V-O certification, a 1-mm-thick specimen is exposed to a 20-mm flame for 10 seconds, removed for 30 seconds, and then exposed again for an additional 10 seconds. The setup for these led tube light tests is illustrated in Fig. 3. Certifications for 5VA require more severe tests with stricter requirements. In these tests, a 125-mm flame is applied to a conditioned square plaque specimen (2.5-3 mm in thickness) for 5 seconds and removed for 5 seconds, repeating the process five times.
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