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replacement led tubes

replacement led tubes
Clearly, the fluorescent is a tough incumbent assuming the fixture is a T5 or T8 with electronic ballast. But the LED tube light alternative delivers almost zero maintenance and much better light quality. “The tcob mcob cob Series tube LED light luminaire provides these benefits at a value price and with a 10-year limited warranty that will make choosing LED simple,” said Hiler Wu.
warm white natural white cool white pure white led tube light t8 150cm led tube t8 epsitar rohs indoor t8 led tube .
¡°In the same way that Tesla has re-invented the electric car, Wanban challenges traditional thinking and has re-invented the LED tube light,¡± added Danny Li, Wanban COO and CFO. ¡°Wanban tcob mcob cob led tubes are superior to any LED tube light currently commercially available. Why change the fixtures when you can simply change the lamps?¡± adds Danny.
led t8 tube 60cm 10w warm led fluorescent tube t8 g13 25w 4500k 1500mm 230v led t6 tubes replacement for t5 fluorescent tubes .
wide range of dlc listed led tubes led t8 tube fluorescent equal 32 watts lumens per watt 200 lumens watt certifications ul .