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retrofit led tube lights

retrofit led tube lights
Wanban¡¯s new financing program allows businesses to have the freedom to upgrade to LED tube lighting, with no money down and be cash flow positive from day one.The attributes of the financing program include: ? no application processing fee ? no pre-pay penalty ? fixed monthly payments ? up to a 60-month repayment term ? can include installation costs.
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This week wanban¡¯s sent shockwaves through the lighting led industry with its new LED T8 tube light or the t5 led tube light replacement, will it be the terminator of the tube fluorescent lighting legacy in U.S.? It has published an updated SSL R&D plan. Apple takes the industry by surprise with its acquisition of retails chains startup company, and the rumored return of the single flash LED in iPhone 6 and also the whole replacement of led tube lights projects of is globe chains and retailing shops and stores. Another development in the industry this week has been the emergence of super bright LED light bulb that uses a new technology based in tv manufacutring to make light with lighting qualities comparable to LED, but without the price tag.
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Wanban TCOB MCOB COB T8 led tube light has been designed with a patented air flow and heat sink combined thermal management system, creating a more thermally efficient heat transfer and highly reliable cooling. This uniqueness eliminates potential failures as is the case with conventional thermal management systems. In addition, the tcob mcob T8 tube provides the optimum level of Surge Protection developed with a built-in short circuit and over-current circuit protection device.
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2 feet pure white led t8 t10 tube light frosted cover 4 feet pure white led t8 t10 tube light clear cover .
Wanban’s LED troffers provide outstanding illumination for a variety of environments while maintaining a sleek, modern appearance, according to Stanfan Ni, head of Wanban Opto Electronics USA’s LED lighting business. They also represent a great value, because wanban’s technology delivers up to 95 percent more energy savings than competing LED tube lights. They are available in 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ configurations as either lay-in or retrofit fixtures to provide flexible installation options.
instant fit led t5 integrated led tube light 0.9m 3ft fluorescent 14w 25w ac85 265v cct 2700 6500k lighting tube with no glare .
As for indoor lighting, wanban has devoted immense R&D and production resources into developing its indoor led lights series of tcob mcob cob inlcuding led tube lights radiation-free, lead-free, and mercury-free LED lights that offer high reliability and durability thanks to their refined unibody. With a waterproof design (IP65), the ability to work in extreme temperatures (up to -50 to 50 ¡ãC), and effective heat dissipation, these modules are ideal for indoor LED applications, including tubelights, projection led tube lights, led panel lights, gas station lamps, tunnel lights, and warning lights, and they may be customized for a variety of needs.