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Small and medium-sized LED enterprises to enter the “single product competition” era

Recently, in Guangzhou International LED Show, and LED-related advertising logo business, display business and lighting companies have shown a trick. Of course, for the lighting industry, the most concerned about is the product and technology development.
First of all, we look at the different types of products at the exhibition rate. One has participated in the Guangzhou International LED show audience said that compared with previous years, this year’s LED street lamp display rate was significantly lower, a variety of indoor LED lighting products significantly increased. The truth is true. It can be seen, indoor LED lighting has been generally accepted by the market, is about to usher in a period of rapid development.
Second, the indoor LED lighting to observe the different categories, we can find, LED light source is the protagonist. Whether it is LED bulb or LED corn lamp, whether it is LEDT8 / T5 lamp or flat light, always attract the attention of the crowd. Among them, the filament ball bulb most attention. Despite the doubts about the actual luminous efficiency of filamentous bulbs, it did not affect the market’s pursuit of this product. It is understood that the price of filament bulb has been able to do 4 yuan / W or so.
t12 light bulbs
Again, LED lighting products tend to homogenization, a simple technical competition has been unable to form a big gap. In this case, small and medium-sized LED lighting companies have turned to focus on promoting their own high-quality products, looking forward to fist products to drive other products sales. In this case, the scene to see, mainly to LED corn lamp products business, the LED corn lamp style up to 30; to LEDT8 / T5 lamp-based products business, more than 20 at the show , No shadow, waterproof, “soft” lights … … a variety of concepts are manufacturers shouted out, and ultimately who can stand out, yet to be the market test.
Finally, when the low-power LED lighting products have been recognized by the market, there is a large profit margins of high-power LED lighting products has become one of the object of the pursuit of manufacturers. In this one, LEDCOB type products are the most promising manufacturers. Although this exhibition is not too many companies show COB type of product, the conversation, the industry agreed that in June this year, the light Asia Exhibition, COB lighting products are most likely to dominate.
Of course, the main exhibitors of this exhibition is still small and medium enterprises, and Philips, OSRAM, NVC, Op, three aurora and other brands collective absence, so these small and medium enterprises led LED lighting product direction is the next period of time market On the direction of the mainstream products, remains to be seen. At present, LED lighting products become the mainstream market has been finalized, and product homogeneity has been difficult to avoid, LED lighting products, the basic stage of competition.

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