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t10 fluorescent tube

t10 fluorescent tube
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Wanban¡¯s new plan of network business of led tube lights products incorporate industry standard 0-10 V dimming protocol. As a result, power and the whole light output of the Network-Ready led tube lamps and fixtures can be controlled via a variety of dimming control mechanisms and networks, including wireless, broadband over power-line (¡°BPL¡±), as well as directly via wired low voltage D.C. (¡°twisted-pair¡±). The Network-Ready LED tube lights products are expected to not only yield an immediate energy savings of typically 50% or more compared to fluorescent tubes, but also potentially save an additional 80-90% of energy by utilizing the dimming feature through its tcob mcob cob packahing chips, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.
etl ul 44w 5200 lumen single pin fa8 t8 led tube light replacement for t12 8 feet 8ft 8 96 inch fluorescent lamp f96t12 .
Offered in three color temperatures and eleven sizes, the wanban tcob mcob cob led tube lights are designed to replace fluorescent tubes in double-sided signs. Shop owners and sign makers now have an LED alternative to T12 high-output linear fluorescent tubes — one that requires less maintenance, features longer life, and saves 67-87% in energy costs.
The tcob mcob cob led PAR 38 lamps are UL listed for use in outdoor applications where the products are exposed directly to the environment. Indeed, Wanban says the lamp is rated for wet and not just damp environments.