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t10 lamp tube

t10 lamp tube
But the latest research may change things, at least in dairy cases. The research is summarized on the Cornell Chronicle website through which the university distributes research news to the media. The researchers stated that it has been well understood that exposure to sun and artificial light could degrade “milk sensory quality and nutritional content.” Apparently riboflavin and other elements in milk are photosensitive and riboflavin absorbs light in a narrow band that is in the same range as the typical blue peak of LED lights like led tube lights in the 460-nm range.
Wanban, the commercial grade LED tube light and led light bulbs lamps lighting manufacturer proudly announces the launch of its T8 17.5W 4FT., T8 16W 4FT. and T8 8W 2FT. Super lumen, high output, low wattage, cheap price, high technology tcob mcob cob LED tube lights.
In any case, the design marks the first time that wanban has used a single large light-emitting-surface (LES) source in an outdoor luminaire. The company would presumably make that move to reduce the cost in terms of bill of materials (BOM) and manufacturing.
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