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t10 led bulb

t10 led bulb
T8 LED lamp price war highlights the low power market chaos like LED longevity as a” liar “
cob, led, tubes, lamp, t5, t8, t12, t10, supplier, price, lighting, review, super: As the market competition, the low-power market chaotic mess, not only of varying quality, the price is a mess, the most direct example is the LED T8 tubes price war.
Reuters is known semiconductor lighting, LED biggest advantage is energy saving, long life, the biggest problem is the heat. Small power lighting, including downlights spotlights, and even more than 30-watt lamp cooling track basic problem can be solved, that is to say on the low-power LED products have been no major problems. But because of market competition, the low-power market chaotic mess, not only of varying quality, the price is a mess, the most direct example is the LED T8 tube price war.
Figure: LED T8 tube price war The original is not the initiator of these chiefs now leading role, but those low price to seize the market in order to survive the wilderness of rivers and lakes, and later to attract low-cost packaging plants do follow suit involvement bigwigs start and did not mind that these low quality low-priced products will not survive long, but the moth fought final sales finally bigwigs uneasy in front of the bottom line sales and sales beat the bottom line, and will have a price war now!
Philips (Jinsha River is not holding back the bright sharp trade?) Said to do 20 dollars or less, even lower than some mountain, lighting lamps, lighting a mountain is not weakness, immediately put the price down tube 10 or less; Philips, with or against you? LED industry has always been to show people a cheap Mori more to be outdone, I said immediately lower than the lighting of a mountain one, even insists on quality has always claimed that certain P also said to bear the loneliness and loss of a mountain lighting shopping, is it for IPO? Low or even directly help a killer set the price to 6.8!
These prices are market prices, dealers have a profit, right? Manufacturers also can not always go on deficit? Such a war would not be forced to tear one at the end? CREE recall in the United States more than 70 ten thousand lamps, Osram recall 55,000 because of a fire risk and security issues, they are all big international ringing, and they are 20 and 30 dollars a lamp, lamp China pipe has sold more than one dollar! I wish these manufacturers do more than CREE, Osram better, not out of any fire safety issues. If the price is due to advances in technology, efficiency, cost reduction created by, of course we welcome hands in the air, but you look at some of the manufacturers approach it, with a small chip factories, small size, change copper gold, copper bracket change aluminum frame, glue, phosphor all use the cheapest! Power supply with the cheapest devices, programs, use the cheapest glass substrate plate, plastic shell with glass! How power supply kind of stability? do not care! Thermally conductive substrate how to do? In spite of it! Shell heat how to do? Do not say! Glass thermal conductivity is 1.1W / m.k, plastic is 0.3 W / m.k, and extruded aluminum is 237 W / m.k!
In this price, only the most expensive power program, the worst components, not to mention what power efficiency, power factor, harmonic content! These power supplies can not be sure of certified! In this price, lamp beads will not be high-efficiency lamp beads, then 70% – about 80% of the heat energy generated by how dissipated? The heat does not go out and scattered, device quality lamp beads, capacitors, etc. itself is bad, even the most basic life difficult to guarantee, and such bad light bulb will soon! Really worried for their lives, really worried for their manufacturers!
Some manufacturers may chuckled: too young too simple! We do not simply cheap lamp in order to make the product, we have to cash flow, the pressure on supplier payment, the full amount under income dealers, and even advances, we have tens of millions out of thin air, hundreds of millions of cash flow, there is cash flow, we can make money in the stock market, real estate ah!
That we are more worried about these upstream and downstream, in case of loss of what? In case of escaped fled out? Kodak, Motorola, Nokia will close down, China’s lighting business will not collapse? LED industry enterprises closed down there? Foot thing there? Such things we are too lazy to say, we all know!
Such product warranty so? No problem, or a year! However, LED lifetime to do a year, in addition to a waste of social resources, what is the point? High quality LED can be done 3-5 years or even longer life, energy saving can be achieved, but the production of low-quality lamp beads, glass, plastic, electronic components need to consume energy and pollute the environment, the production of these products themselves and contrary to energy saving, do not produce these products is truly energy saving!
Daring and domestic manufacturers CREE contrast, it has always been known for their high quality and high prices have to recall 700,000 lamps in the United States, saying it was a fire risk, do not know these Chinese manufacturers are not higher than the level of CREE, not only the price is much lower than the industry leader, and do not even worry about such as fire and other quality problems!
However, the quality Heibang around the face but did not give them anything, but seems to have some big brands do not mind, anyway, not me: we all do! We have quality problems, do not you dare to buy small brands? A rogue’s face! There may be some manufacturers complained the user identified only price, they are also forced to! However, we believe that since has become a big brand, it should assume the responsibilities and obligations of big brands, the lowest in the industry to maintain the bottom line, I have not seen a suicide has been a price war in the victory over the small factories, small factories foot touches when heard.
Inferior products will hurt the entire industry, causing consumers mistakenly think LED no publicity so good (in fact, they will not consider myself to spend so little money can not buy a good product), from the attitude of worship to despise , LED energy saving where longevity? And a liar! ”
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