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t10 led bulb 120v

t10 led bulb120v
Fujian Wanban ( Short named “wanban” below) developed a new LED light source with the whole luminous efficiency 280LM per Watt,which is marked as the global leading level
Lighting Tips:Fujian Wanban Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd, whose latest development in the LED light source with luminous efficiency up to 280LM per Watt, leading the top lighting level in the world. This is a new technology innovation by wanban since it’s developed LED light source of 261LM per Watt in 2012.It is another self-transcendence in the history of led lighting technique creation.
According to the latest updates report that provided by Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Information Institute that the investigation of the new LED tube lights and LED bulb lights, which adopted the unique MCOB(Multi-Chips On Board) packaging model that wanban owns proprietary intellectual property rights, and the packaging mode of silver alloy technology and ceramic crystal design. The two packaging patterns are completely differ from the traditional SMD and COB packaging mode, and the light source luminous efficiency reaches 280lm per watt. The packaging model of silver alloy technology is mainly used in LED tube light lamps ( led T5 lights, led T8 lights, Led t10 lights and Led t12 lights) with color temperature below 3500K can up to a whole luminous efficiency of 188lm per watt or more, crystal ceramic technology is mainly applied in LED bulb lamps, color index is Ra80 or evern higher, and the whole luminous efficiency 155lm per watt or more.The Luminous efficiency of the LED light source is far more than that which is publicly published by the Lab. documents in the same industry both at home and abroad till now.
He Wenming, the chairman of Wanban said, both MCOB silver alloy and crystal ceramic packaging technology have independent intellectual property rights only; MCOB silver alloy packaging technology uses the light structure intersection combinations mode, to avoid the lights inside die, and completely solve the deep-rooted problem of LED light discoloration, so that we can lead the industry in the strong lighting industry innovation; While ceramic crystal package adopts the crystal ring light structure, perfectly take the realization of the full beam angle of 360 ¡ãlight effects, which is the only and unique creative in the wide stream of LED industry business. At present, the two technologies have achieved industrialization, which also have been large-scale production into market, and the market response is positive.
“We have more tagret” He Wenming added,”with the two technologies, we are committed to developing more and more creative and new led light tubes and led bulbs to the whole world,on one hand, it offer a nice solution for the global warming issue, on the other hand, we can bring a green and energy saving life for the whole world, letting them to live in a life with the top level lighting world!”
We are sure that MCOB led t8 t5 t10 t12 tube lights will lead No.1 in the 5 years under our close joint cooperation and hand in hand collaborations in led lighting business work!
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