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t10 led bulbs

t10 led bulbs
Congratulations on Wanban’s VDE certification listed on led tube lights
Led lights tubes t5 t8 fluroescent reviews: In order to meet the needs of the rapid growing businesses and markets, by virtue of super effect of light with high quality led tubes products, wanban has won the CB, GS, CE, ROHS and many other international certification authority issued by the official certificate offices. Meanwhile wanban also is on the UL certification program, and the relevant tests now are under process, it’s embarking into the US market can be expected soon.
After six months of test track, wanban successfully obtained the led tube lights VDE certification in Germany, which demonstrates its strength in the LED lighting industry.
VDE is the German national product symbol. It is a German Institute of Electrical Engineers (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, referred VDE) subsidiary, which was founded in 1920 as a neutral, independent body. VDE laboratory is based on application, according to the German VDE standards or European EN standard or IEC International Electrotechnical Commission standards for electrical product testing and certification, is one of the highly reputable certification bodies in the world, till now is the Europe’s most experienced. It completes a total of nearly 18,000 certification programis from 2200 German companies and 2700 other countries every year.
To date, nearly there are 200,000 kinds of electrical products in 50 countries already achieved VDE mark. In many countries VDE certification mark even more famous than the national certification mark, especially importers and exporters recognized and valued. VDE certification is an important certification to enter the European market. The wanban’s silver alloy LED tube lights lamp passed VDE certification, wanban also announced the official start of the huge project of European market in all EU countries.
To meet the needs of the increasingly growing businesses of led lighting tubes t5 t8, wanban is fully committed to innovate and develop more led tube lights to supply the demand of led tube lamps market in EU areas,Also, Wanban can not miss the US market, and it’s also preparing for all the related tests of led tube lights so that can be one of the leading led tube light supplier in US.
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