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t10 led light

t10 led light
DOE published new regulations on LED LAMPS since August 1
Led tube, bulbs, fluorescent,lights, lamps, tcob, mcob, cob, t5, t8, t10 ,t12, solution, energy saving, lumens, reviews: The US Department of Energy (DOE) for the LED LAMPS recently released new requirements will take effect on August 1.
It is worth noting that since the beginning of the implementation period on August 1, beginning from December 28, the mandatory implementation.
For the current domestic LED industry to this rule is unclear situation, Li Hong-detection test technical director to make specific explanation for this event.
“For LED LAMPS these products, after DOE test procedure and there is no specific requirement that the LED LAMPS wrote the federal decree go inside, it became mandatory.” Zhang Hong representation.
Indeed, for LED LAMPS, the DOE had no special requirements to meet the energy consumption test – Energy Star can be, and now it is before entering the United States Customs must be registered in the relevant DOE.
“Before the enactment of this Bill, lighting products exported to the United States, the past consumer behavior, through the legal channels is the largest voluntary recall, and now there is no registration requirement in accordance with DOE decree may face legal prosecution.” Hong Zhang explained.
“With the light source is widely used products, the US focus on energy, building lighting products as the largest category, is expected to follow-on LED light products DOE requirements, but also from the overall formula LAMPS subsequent gradual expansion.” Zhang Hong mention to.
In addition, Zhang Hong also highlighted that from August 1, Lamp products apply DLC verification, will not have to apply for Lighting Facts?, lamps for domestic manufacturers Lighting Facts? cancellation will not affect DLC through.
2016-08-01 From DOE LED Lighting Facts pause LED Lamps alternative submitted notifications:
From August 1, 2016, DOE management and control LED Lighting Facts labels (colored label) will suspend the acceptance of all of the new alternative Lamps submitted since the new integrated LED Lamps the DOE test procedure: DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY 10 CFR Parts 429 and 430 [Docket No. EERE-2011-BT-TP-0071] will be August 1, 2016 came into effect. Furthermore, DOE is about integrated LED Lamps for non-official release of the non-integrated LED Lamps testing procedures.
2016-08-01 filed before any column names will continue to process the application. Column name has been obtained for the current DOE LED Lighting Facts goods remain in the network database Database in. LED Lighting Facts Working Group will be the latest DOE regulations for further investigation and research, once the final decision will immediately inform all partners.
DOE LED Lighting Facts LED lamps will continue to receive and submit retrofit kit.
Reed detection test to remind you, DLC has also revised its requirements on LED Lighting Facts from 2016-08-01 began, will no longer be required to submit LM-79 data to bare bulb LED Lighting Facts. Please note that the DLC will continue to accept applications for accreditation lamp. This change does not affect the DLC on the LED Lighting Facts other categories of product requirements.
About DOE LED Lighting Facts:
DOE LED Lighting Facts is the US Department of Energy DOE solid-state LED SSL for general lighting products (including: integrated LED bulbs, non-integrated LED bulbs, LED lamps, LED retrofit kit) of voluntary energy efficiency label certification program. Through the project, LED manufacturers can submit samples in accredited laboratories in accordance with IESNA LM-79-08 and other industry-standard test, after the report was submitted DOE LEDLighting Facts column names, thereby demonstrate their outstanding performance.
DOE issued on the integral LED lamp (integrated LED lamp) testing requirements:
US Department of Energy (DOE) in July 1, 2016 Federal Register published on integral LED lamp (integrated LEDlamp) testing program. Requirements entering the United States must be an integral LED lamp according to the requirements of this test program in a qualified laboratory for related tests to obtain the total flux, input power, luminous efficiency, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, power factor, and standby life power and other data.
The regulations August 1, 2016 entered into force December 28, 2016 enforcement. According to the regulations, the need to test the above parameters are in accordance with the LM-79, LM-84, TM-28 and the standard IEC62301 to carry out.
The regulations August 1, 2016 entered into force December 28, 2016 enforcement. According to the regulations, the need to test the above parameters are in accordance with the LM-79, LM-84, TM-28 and the standard IEC62301 to carry out.
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