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t10 led lights

t10 led lights
LED tube light lamps flicker-free power supply evaluation
Led tubes Review: With the increasingly tense of global energy resources issues and global incandescent light ban and ban in production, energy saving LED lighting is growing up like the growing bamboo under the spring rain shoots, the prologue of global LED lighting replacing incandescent is also holding bright prospect and potential. By 2015, the total led lighting replacement will reach $ 21.7 billion in the wole world.As we can see, it’s such a bigh cake for every led light suppliers and factories, especially for the commercial led lights like led tubes t8, led t5 tubes, t10 lights led or t12 lights led lamp.
Compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamps, with the exception of energy saving, Led lamps lights has a great advantage is that will not often be effected by the working frequency like the traditional lamps do, which produces serious demage to eyes. LED lighting as a new generation of energy saving lamps, the substitution of traditional lamps scope and intensity has improved significantly, especially the extensive use of LED bulb and LED fluorescent tube lights will be improved to a new level of healthy lighting.
Light as a measure symbol of modern civilization, many people in a day’s work for more than eight hours are spent under the light. In the choice of lamps, lighting are very vital factors to be considered to improve work efficiency. From the existing technical perspective, both high efficiency and high PF(power factor) isolated driver technology are various and numerous, but it’s not so easy when speaking of “no flicker, high efficiency and high power factor value”. Since the conventional IC built-in PFC correction circuit is difficult to achieve the lighting needs of “no flash” , while through the peripheral added PFC circuit (valley fill circuit), although it is possible to solve the “flicker” problem, the power factor value and efficiency still drops sharply , thereby increasing the power grid interference and reduces the stability of the led lamps. 
Fujian wanban optoelectronics who mainly produces led tube lights and led bulb lamps, first in the industry developed “LED lamp with no flicker, high efficiency, high PF value of the drive control technology” and has been in mass production, equipped with this driver technology, the mcob led tube lights and mcob led bulbs it produces truly reflects the trend of healthy living in the fierce LED lamps lighting competition in the market, each LED lamp manufacturer is making double efforts to continue to seek new breakthrough. Today we bring you the latest built-in and non-stroboscopic LED tube lamp driver power supply products – new MCOB led light Driver as the core with “no flash, high efficiency, high PF value drive control technology”, a simple peripheral circuits for LED fluorescent tubes which provides extraordinary lighting drive. Here let’s share the characteristics of this power supply.
Point A. Driver Workmanship with sense of high quality
When matching it with LED lamps, we can often find it difficult to choose the right product or the price will sensitively high, sometimes even the goods that matched failed to meet customer requirements. But most of the time we often we ignore the value of the power supply itself with the quality of workmanship and other aspects of the materials and parts.
Some led light tube experts recommend applying the first impression of bare board built-in LED lamp drive power, which is mainly to check if the power supply has the sense of high quality. How to judge their advantages and disadvantages? The power supply components and material selection, whether circuit board copper lines are structured? In the part of high pressure, the groove width should be more than 1 mm. Inductance element need to be covered with insulating glue; it’s better that the circut boards are coated with three-proofing paint. Electrolytic capacitor placement are tidy, no wrinkles, no leakage. Elements are well distributed on the circuit board, plug are in order.Audion and IC are clearly marked. Lead with model UL1007, AWG24 or better. A high quality LED drive power should not only has the good details of position and regularity, but also there is a strong sense of high quality when holding in hands? The new model has no flicker of led tube light driver is adopted by Taiwan Kingboard A grade PCB material, more than 1.2 ounces of copper wiring, which is far from meeting the climbing tin and thermal dispersion requirements. Neat workmanship and materials feel more solid, no matter if people know the power circuit design or not, only holding in his hand can he will feel at ease.
Point B. Led light applications are guaranteed
Among many LED lighting manufacturers, selecting and matching an efficient and stable power supply can not only obtain strong support for their own LED lamps, as well as the 100% guarantee in manufacturing credibility. The good quality of a power supply decides a good design and materials, but also need a stable and efficient integrated circuits. The traditional structure of the LED drive power, the circuit design of some structure is too complex, resulting in circuit heat, poor dynamic performance, the circuit is difficult to control quality, low conversion efficiency. Deli & P Optoelectronics no strobe LED lamp driver DALI-WPS25W series of simple circuit element architecture can play a maximum power density utilization in ensuring the certification of the case will be required for the LED driver circuit minimizes the number of components, the possible risks point is also minimized, thereby greatly enhancing the efficiency of light LED lighting and electrical performance.
LED driver provides a continuous optical power, cooling and performance lamps, luminaires can be said that the “heart.” Therefore, when matching LED lamps, even cob led tube lights, a quality, reliable, affordable and perfect after-sale security system is very essential. After several years of rapid development, the current LED lighting market, LED drive power applications have not only in terms of power to meet the needs of a variety of lighting light, while still healthy, certification, high power density to give more of the technology, so that more lighting companies to produce more competitive products, without strobe LED tube light lamp drive power for healthy lighting fixture application of new technology to provide strong momentum. ”
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