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t12 bulb

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t12 bulb
There are tcob mcob cob Led tube lights lamp on the Rio Olympic Games!
Rio 2016 Olympic Games in progress, athletes fought hard to show the world the “higher, faster, stronger” spirit of competitive sports. It is understood that, in order to ensure the viewing experience and competition scores accurately convey the audience, the current Olympic Games a total of 72 LED displays is enabled, it is surprising that a lot of indoor led lamp, the sheer number, is the most ever.
Rio Olympic Games live applied thousands of pcs Led tube lamp lights ? The most important international competitions with the display or Led tube lights lamp, who can take up the task of the LED device? Yes, that’s RGB LED industry leaders – wanban’s tcobled led tube lights! ? wanban (tcobled) has extensive experience and expertise of world-class case of indoor led light products solutions. Its TCOB MCOB led light tubes and bulbs with super lumens were applied widely in Davos, Brazil World Cup, Shanghai World Expo, the European Cup, the Tiananmen Square military parade, Korea Tianmen blessing ceremony, the SCO summit, the London Olympics Acer Museum, Boao Forum for Asia and other major international events shine. ? The re-elected to the Rio Olympics Thousands of led tube lights lamps, as a national enterprise is wanban (tcobled ) with supreme glory! ?
LED tube lights for the Rio Olympics opening ceremony add “color” ? Rio Olympic Games led tube light with a tcobled Which device? tcobled – tcob mcob technology packaging led tube lights ? tcob? tcob Series is launched in 2013, the high-end LED light sources series, the integration of a number of patented technologies, more suitable for harsh environment, will bring customers high-contrast, high consistency, high reliability and outstanding effect, the machine failure rate <10ppm, through the international authority of the cars AEC standard tests. ? The tcob light source? "Star products", the perfect anti-glare design reduces picture distortion and other issues, coupled with the unique atomizing, scattering design, fine quality, colorful, high definition, the greatest extent guaranteed audience viewing. ? It seems that the country tcob led tubes is a wise choice for the Rio Olympic Games led tubes. And, star led tube light? Series is country star product as "Made in China" the biggest pride!
Providing the device by wanban (tcobled) display on the Rio Olympic Games ? I believe in the country’s star witness accompanied and tcob led tubes t5 t8 lamps lights, the Chinese athletes in the Olympic Games in Rio will continue to chase the dream of sports, race out of their better performance, struggling to reach a peak after another! ? Refueling, the Chinese team! Come on, China!
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