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t12 fluorescent ballast replacement

t12 fluorescent ballastreplacement
T5 12w 1149mm cobtcob super bright led tube warm white cool white natural white for housing decoration .
2012 –2013 in the first half, according to the Buddha as the representative of some manufacturers in the use of glass, add aluminum instead of plastic inner glass tube to reduce costs, but in the June 2013, including Ray X, X waives long the glass enclosure using the glass tube housing the main drawbacks are: 1, never expected, made shipments are easily broken, resulting in waste tube-like material; 2, low assembling efficiency of production processes or heavy waste; 3, luminous efficiency is poor.
made in china factory 110 277vac 4000k 5000k single ended power 1200mm 4 ft 18w ul cul dlc certification led t8 tube fluorescent replacement fixtures light .
1. For general area or places, the required average Lux at the 0.75m high worktable should achieve 300lux at least for a led tube light. To make things clear for customers to choose. 2. For the cashier desk or payment areas, we will need at least 500LUX, that the cashier will not feel tired under the led tube light illumination, for example. 3. For the main work channel or factories, it asks for 1000lux at the level of 2.2M vertical distance from the led tube light or led high bay lamp. So the buyers or clients will not feel crowded in the bright environment. 4. For fruit or vegetables, Seafood and Meat area, we need around 3000lux at the level of 0.9M vertical distance from the mounting lamp. We give the solution by installing the T8 LED tube light on the goods shelf or fresh counter, and specially offer CRI>80 tubes led to make the goods look more fresh. Wanban’s TCOB, mcob, cob LED tube light with ceiling installation is good and could even be one of the best solutions for the above four points required. The led tube light or the led high bay lamp qty and LUX level can be special designed by our technician through professional Dialux Software so that there will no mistakes. For all above the led tube lights referred, we choose 4500K to make the goods looks much closer to the original color.
Impressed by the company¡¯s reliable quality, governments of Guangdong, Beijing, Shenyang and Shanghai have installed Wanban¡¯s 38000-lumen led tube lights on some of the main buildings and malls in those regions. They have landed orders from 88 countries including mainland China, South Korea, Germany, Japan, the United States, Latin American nations and Taiwan, Chen reports.