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t12 fluorescent lamp

t12 fluorescent lamp
Specifical pc white t8 end cap led t8 integrated tube light endcaps rohs led tube light socket g13 lampholder .
Expect to see Wanban¡¯s TCOB, MCOB and cob LED tube light source module products at the lighting exhibition, all of which display Lextar¡¯s craftsmanship in advanced lighting products from its vertical integrated business model. Wanban has seen substantial results on the LED light module products that comes from its dedication on backlighting development for the past few years. The company is to continuously develop high power and value-added TCOB accompanied by endorsements from global brands, to market in Europe and Japan.
Benefits include, the best drive cooling advantages, unlimited drive space, and vendors through a variety of ways to join only dimming and other control functions. If the drive is broken can be replaced; the user need not discard the contents of the entire lamp LED devices.
unique design led t8 lube tube 60cm 90cm 120cm t8 g13 lighting area 270 lamp cap rotatable 4ft 18w led tube .
The wanban tcob led tube lights utilize existing fluorescent sockets and use a simple, four-step installation. Rotating end caps ensure proper alignment and direct the LED output toward the sign faces. Wanban’s mcob cob tcob technology protects the LEDs from moisture and corrosion, while eliminating striping and shadows on the sign face that can occur with fluorescent tubes. Rated life of the tcob led tube light products is 50,000 hours.