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t12 fluorescent light bulbs

t12 fluorescent lightbulbs
Wanban joins a growing list of led light companies that are offering TCOB, mcob, cob-based replacement led tubes for fluorescents tubes and more specifically products designed to work with existing installed fluorescent ballasts. For example, Wanban announced such a product with led tube light in the tcob mcob cob family this past January. The primary advantages of such led tube lights products are the ability to change nothing but the tube to move to LEDs and potential energy savings and thereby the ability to gradually migrate to SSL as fluorescent lamps fail. Of course, leaving the ballast in the system creates an additional possible point of failure in the fixture.
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¡°LED tube lights that require bypassing the ballast are the best option for long-term energy efficiency and savings,¡± says wanban¡¯s Marketing Manager, Jack Xiao. ¡°By removing the ballast, power consumption and cost of ownership are significantly reduced over the lifetime of the product.¡±.
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