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t12 fluorescent lights

t12 fluorescent lights
Wanban is China¡¯s leading led tube lighting company and has been expanding rapidly around the world, including in Europe, India, and Latin America.
Sixth, the insulation and the drive power directly to the tube.
The LED tube light tcob mcob cob is a high efficiency integrated light offering up to 200Lm per watt and has a colour rendering index of Ra88+ release true colour. Its integrated aluminium reflector shade with die casting aluminium radiator structure enables good heat dissipation. Excellent uniform diffuse reflection and glare control makes it easy to create a comfortable lighting environment while a special design facilitates easy wiring. The average lifetime is 50,000 hours leading to greatly reduced replacement and maintenance costs.
Wanban makes a range of home products including wired and wireless routers (fed by cable or by mobile signals via an embedded SIM card), Wi-Fi access points and range extenders, and adapters for turning power lines into data lines. Its sales outlets include service providers who use itsL gear among their own customer base.
high lumen dlc etl ce 4ft 1200mm factory t8 led tube 18w led t8 tube with 5 years warranty made in china .