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t12 lamps

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t12 lamps
Fujian Province wanban Optoelectronics two local standards prepared by officially promulgated
Abstract: Optical IMC He Wenming, general manager, deputy general manager of Fujian Province Wei Jiande two local standards in the preparation of the “interior lighting with white LED bulb Ball” (standard number: DB35 / T 1402-2016), “lighting with multi-chip integrated package LED Downlight “(standard number: DB35 / T 1403-2016) was issued on December 31, 2016, has been officially published, and has been implemented.
[Engineering LED roundup recently from the Fujian Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision was informed by the “G20-LED summit members of the enterprise” – Fujian Province IMC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (IMC Optoelectronics) He Wenming, general manager, deputy general manager Wei Jiande involved in the preparation two Fujian local standards, “interior lighting with white LED bulb ball” (standard number: DB35 / T 1402-2016), “lighting with multi-chip integrated package LED Downlight” (standard number: DB35 / T 1403-2016 ) was issued on December 31, 2016, it has been officially published, and has been implemented.
It is reported that the two are led by the Fujian local standards FJIRSM, IMC as a second photovoltaic unit in charge of the entire process involved in the preparation. Two standard covers indoor lighting balloons and lighting multi-chip integrated package LED downlight terms and definitions, technical requirements (the work environment, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical properties, optical properties, safety features, etc.) with white LED ball, test methods, inspection rules, and packaging, labeling, transportation and storage requirements and so on.
Release and implementation of these two criteria, can effectively strengthen the Fujian LED bulb, downlight design, production, testing and standardize management, help to improve the overall technological level of related industries in Fujian Province, to ensure the quality of such products consistency, control product costs and improve economic efficiency.
Fujian local standards approved announcement (2016 No. 006, 12,wanban Optoelectronics deputy general manager Wei Jiande introduction, the two provincial local standards promulgated, effectively strengthen the development of LED lighting standards, regulate market behavior, and promote LED lighting industry progress has practical significance. In the network of consumer trends, the future of LED network marketing should be directed to the development of two directions: First, they must establish a brand, know how to help new media brand communication; Second, LED products must be more creative, scale and customization is the only way. Fujian wanban Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (www.ledtubelightst8.com) was established in 1993, it is from Fujian Branch wanban Optical Co., Ltd. and Fu Jing Science and Technology (stock code: 002222) established a joint venture with a registered capital of 94 million yuan. Headquartered in Putian City, Fujian Province Hualin Economic Zone core area, covering 68 acres, self-built plant 47,771 square meters, the company has nearly 1,000 employees, including engineering and R & D personnel nearly 100 people, is a collection of R & D IC, LED packaging and LED development, production and sales of lighting products in an integrated lighting companies.Mainly supplying for the commercial indoor led lights for example led tubes t8, t5 led tubes, led t5 tubes light, led light bulbs, led t5 integrated led tubes t8 lamps etc. Wanban photoelectric general manager of China talked about Lv Weidong, this new model for the internet businesses, according to their product mix, customer orientation is appropriate to consider. Also derived from the internet businesses O2O model does not apply to specialty channels suitable future also remains to be seen.
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