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t12 led light

t12 led light
Chinese LED tube light effect over 160 lm per watt, it is exptected that the annual infiltration rate this year will be 27.8%
Led tube lights review: Early in 2014, there are many main chinese lighting industry published a great many variety of LED lights tube type (including t5 led, t8 led, t10 led, t12 led) lamps new product. In the view of specification, compared with the previous generation of products, the present one has increased dramatically; if in the point of production line planning, led lighting manufacturers are gradually shifting from home to office and commercial buildings or shopping malls.
According to the sales proportion distribution of led tubes luminous efficiency, there are 41.7% items are between 80 lm per watt ~ 99 lm per watt, while if looking on the espect of the main lighting industres that have launched new products led tube lights, most of them are having the luminous efficiency up to 160 lm per watt (or more), in which, the led tube light with 190 lm per watt is the top of the whole industry;in other words, compared with a commercially available bulk led lighting tubes products, the new have a emission efficiency higher than 60%, mainly due to shorten the payback period to two years among buyers, especially in offices and public places for the high lighting requirements of the higher power, high-efficiency lighting is in great demand of necessity.
The chinese local tube LED lighting industry holds the new products towards high specification development, while also expanding its production lines, its largest lighting plant estimated that the led tube Light sales volume will catch 200 million units this year, representing an increase of about 100% compared with that of last year, while the recent collaboration with another led tube light factory estimated a business total sales revenue of LED lighting application will reach 63%.
From the point of view in LED lighting products category, LED bulb lights shipments volume has shown a slight decline gradually in recent years, but in regard to led tube lights, it is estimated that a penetration rate of more than 30% this year, in other words, the potential future development of the led tube lights is quite large, this is also why both many famous brand led light companies in lighting industry try to expand their LED tube lights production line in shortest time to supply the large demand of led t8 tube light, led t5 tube lights, led t10 tube lights and led t12 tube lights. “With the full range of led tubes in the industry, it helps a companty achieve much more opportunities in the strong demand of led tube lights market.
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