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t12 light bulb

t12 light bulb
Wanban has announced that the tcob mcob cob Series of LED tube lights equipped with the company’s super high lumen adaptive control technology will also now feature field-tunable color temperature. The newly-enabled tunable lighting feature marks the first time that Cree has supported variable CCT in a solid-state lighting (SSL) product and the feature will come at no additional cost to customers.
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Wanban will be on hand to walk through the newest innovations at the Lighting Science booth on May 28 from 3-4pm. This will include a presentation of the new tcob mcob cob led tube light and app, the Series TCOB MCOB and other new additions to Lighting Science¡¯s catalogue of proprietary lighting solutions. Wanban will also answer questions on the tcob mcob led tube lighting series and their patented circadian biologically-optimized LED technology.
The airport was able to replace the fluorescent tubes lights fixtures on a one-for-one basis with a mix of 16W and 23W tcob mcob cob led tube light luminaires depending on location in the parking facility. Airport management noted that the new fixtures deliver far better light quality, allowing patrons to more easily locate their vehicles and improving overall pedestrian safety.
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