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t12 lights
why COB packaging always delay to popularize?
t5, t8, t10, t12, led, tubes, bulbs, fluorescent, replacement, lights, lamps, lighting, review, supplier, factory, technology, cob, mcob, tcob, abstract: In outdoor lighting, the use of most of the packaged device is still single high-power lamp beads, and in indoor lighting, COB light source is still difficult to compete with Mount type light source. COB packaging why the delay can not be universal? Industry giants action always lead the industry trends.
Recently, the US company lumen (LuminusDevices), PhilipLumileds and Cree have released COB LED technology announcement, mainly in small and large LED package to improve the lumen output.
Cree announced more bright LED light-emitting surface (LES) and a 23 mm 30 mm Product added to C XA family; Lumileds announced that its entire product line performance COB 10% increase; LuminusDevices bring their Xnova series the first product to enter the market segment COB, opened up a service in the general solid-state lighting (SSL) applications for a new path.
Then on October 30, Samsung has introduced a new COB product provides up to 129LM per watt luminous efficiency, the use of a compact light emitting surface (LES), designed for efficient indoor and outdoor lighting design.
COB package has always been a hot search term LED industry, which by virtue of the many advantages of high luminous efficiency, a surface light source, personalized design gradually in the LED packaging industry to seize the place, gradually welcomed downstream applications.
However, outdoor lighting, the use of most of the packaged device is still single high-power lamp beads, and in indoor lighting, COB light source is still difficult to compete with Mount type light source. COB packaging why the delay can not be universal?
Cost is not high?
Market demand determines the technology of hot and cold, and then fermented rice was fragrant customers also need to buy it. When the LED as a new thing just appeared, its superior, ordinary people is difficult to reach it, the price factor it will not be too much attention. Today LED lighting gradually into millions of households, the price is the trend, people’s concerns also begins LM per watt turned LM / $, namely lighting costs.
Crystal Electronics (Guangzhou) product marketing manager for Sun Jiaxin think the price is difficult to spread COB package currently the main reason. “The current price of the COB and small and medium-power devices than there is no way, COB money to more than one a W, 3014 mature patch source cheaper it is about a dime, there are a few cents.”
Crystal Photoelectric GONG Wen, general manager also believes that indoor lighting to the main light source placement classes, the reason is that the current COB package is still in a development phase, and the COB light source is not a significant cost advantage.
“If COB light source, when the package if there is a broken lamp beads, will be scrapped throughout the COB, which increased the finished product scrap rate.” Rui Si Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen R & D manager Liu Jianlin said.
Of course, the cost to see is the ratio of performance and price, not simply from price considerations. Tang Guoqing, general manager of Samsung LED China believes that compared to the patch type light source, COB light source instead of more cost-effective advantage, “it will give downstream application vendors to bring convenience, more convenient in processing, two screws can be finalized the future is in the direction of mechanization and automation development, COB light source more easily scale production. “
Fujian IMC Optical Engineering Manager Tong Qingfeng said, using COB light source and the light source is not more expensive than the patch category. Due to the higher efficiency of COB light source, emitting more uniform, such as to achieve the same brightness, using SMD type light source need to do 10W, 7W to do with COB light source, which will reach the energy-saving effect. “And COB light source in the structure more flexible, comprehensive view, COB light source would be more cost-effective.”
Marketing Director Mitsuo Aurora Guojun believes that compare to combine COB light source and a light source placement classes specific applications and specific lighting design makes sense. “I can not simply go over the price.”
Shanxi Guangyu Xu Min technical director told reporters, it contains a lot of cost factors, not just from the part of the consideration of the light source, it also includes the system design of the lamp. “For example, street light, a light source with COB 30W, a lens on the line, but with a single 1W imitation lumens light need 30, 30 of the lens, but also taking into account the aluminum plate, radiator and other materials, if you want to do the same the reliability of the whole, COB light source is more cost-competitive. “
And Mount type devices, the Xu Min that, from a single light source system, the patch type device is too cheap, huge price differences. “Foreign and domestic, including Taiwan, 6 from 3 hair hair do have to see if you choose someone of a light source, if you choose a good patch type light source, the cost of the light source is almost the same.”
Standard LED Engineering Research Institute director Zhang believes that the price factor is not the main reason for the current popularity of COB light source constraints. “I think it is a problem of market acceptance, not just because the price is mainly the original process has matured, cost is also high, and now suddenly replaced by COB light source we are not necessarily willing to accept.
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