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top quality plant grow light led tube 2016 new hot sale 18w 23watt led t5 t10 t12 tube high quality g13 600mm 1500mm 2400mm color light tube led t8 tube 90cm 5w

top quality plant grow light led tube 2016 new hot sale 18w 23watt led t5 t10 t12 tube high quality g13 600mm 1500mm 2400mm color light tube led t8 tube 90cm 5w

SKU: led-tube-lights-t12-led-18w-4ft-120cm

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Quick Details
Light Source:TCOB MCOB COB Light Sources
Item Type:Led Tube Lights
LED Light Source:TCOB
Warranty(Years):3-5 years
Input Voltage(V):85v-264v
Lamp Power(W):18watt, 16 watt, 14watt, 12 watt, 10 watt, 8watt, led tube lights
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):800-2600lumens
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lmperw):800
CRI (Ra>):85
Color Temperature(CCT):cool, natural, white, warm, led tube lights
Working Temperature(¡æ):-20 – 60
Working Lifetime(Hour):50000
Lamp Body Material:PC and Alu
IP Rating:IP65
Certification:CE, FCC, PSE, RoHS
Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:TCOB
Model Number:T8, t10, t5, t12, Led tube lights, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 1.5m, 1.2m, 0.9m, 0.6m, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, led tube lights
Working current:300mA
Led:TCOB, mcob 2th
Color Ratio:R:B:O=7:1:1per R_B=8:1 or customized
Product Size:1.2m
Product weight:1kg
Warranty for led light tube:3 Years
Lifespan of led tube lights:50000h

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Separately package with standard export carton.
Delivery Detail:7 work days after received payment

  • Description

    Product Description

    Top Quality T5 T10 T12 T8 Light Led Tube 2016 New Hot sale 18W 23W
    Product description
    Good quality led tube lights, factory price led light tube.
    Size 3.1x120cm Power 20W
    Voltage 85V-260V Product color White,black or customized
    Current 300mA Material Iron
    Frequency 50, 60Hz Colour ratio Red:blue:orange=7:1:1 or custmized
    Working environment -20~60 degree
    Product weight: 1kg
    Led led tube light modules.
    Life span: 50000hrs
    Product Application of t12 t10 t5 t8 led light tube
    1. Indoor plants growth.
    2.Greenhouse herb.
    3.Tent vegetables.
    5.Aeroponics, Horticulture
    Packaging and delivery
    Packing for led tube lights: Each item packed separately, standard export package and Delivery for led grow light: 7 working days after received payment
    Company information
    Factory size: 2000 square meters.
    Production capacity: 10000 pcs per week.
    Production people: 600 persons.
    Our customer Service: Reply you inquiry in 24Hrs.
    Feedback of complaint in 24Hrs.
    OEM, ODM are welcomed.
    Exclusive agents in local country are welcomed.
    3 years Warranty.
    Why Choose TCOB led tube lights?
    1.13 years led Light tube Manufacturer.
    2. Cooperated with many long-term customers such as TaoTronics, Black star Lighthouse , etc.
    3. High Quality Control with CE, ROHS, FCC approval and ISO9000 Certificated Factory.
    4.3 years warranty policy, up to now, our product defective rate is under 0.2%.
    5.10000 kits every week to guarantee the best deliver time.
    How to order fluorescent tubes led light tube?
    Safety Notice
    1. Indoor use only .
    2. Turn off the power before installation don’t touch the surface of the lights when light on.
    3. Please make sure using in the normal environment.
    4. To avoid using nearby the hot or heat source place, where has the corrosive gas.
    5. Make sure the installment place could afford 10 times of the weight of light.
    6. Installed position must be no shock, no fire hidden danger.
    How to Use a led tube light?
    Step 1: Decide how big the area you’re going to light is. This tells you how powerful a light you need; the bigger the area, the greater the wattage you’ll need.
    Step 2 Make sure you can hang your grow light from ceiling hooks or a suitable fixture above the surface you’ve placed your plants on. Also, use a flexible measuring tape to gauge the distance between the light fixture and the electrical plug-in. If the distance is longer than the cord on the light fixture, you’ll need an indoor extension cord to help make the reach.
    Step 3 Hang your grow light based on how powerful it is. Less powerful High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights should be hung 2-3 feet above the tops of the plants, while more powerful systems should be hung four to six feet above the tops of the plants.
    Conventional fluorescent grow lights or shop lights and compact fluorescent bulbs should hang closer to the plant, one to four inches away, since they put off less heat but also less light.
    Step 4 Use a basic light timer, available at any home improvement store, to run your grow light on a regular schedule. Most plants will require about 12-16 hours of light per day. They also require at least 8 hours of darkness each day.
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