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t5 22w bulb

t5 22w bulb
Traditionally, the Strategies in Light Led Review audience has consisted of representatives of the LED tube lighting supply chain, from LED tube light components through tubelight lamp and luminaire manufacturers, and also other interested parties such as financial analysts. The LED Show¡¯s audience has been more representative of the end-user community, such as specifiers, designers, and reps. While these audiences will pretty much remain the same going forward, we do see some overlap in the content of the SIL tracks and The LED Show and portions of the audience that will alternate between its tracks and The LED Show. Basically, both of these audiences are interested in the latest trends in the lighting led tube market, emerging technologies, application economics, and, in general, the future evolution of the LED tube lamp lighting industry.
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In recent years, three optical product quality and R & D technology more widely recognized in the domestic market, and succeeded in occupying the high domestic LED chip market share, and operating income increased significantly year by year.
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