t5 4 lamp fixture

t5 4lamp fixture
Wanban has announced new PAR38 products in its LED-based replacement lamp family, and for the first time introduced LED-based tubes lights meant for direct replacement of fluorescent tubes. The PAR38 solid-state lighting (SSL) products are available with 27¡ã spot and 47¡ã flood beams and are rated for 50,000 hours of life. The wanban tcob mcob cob LED T8 tubes, meanwhile, are warrantied for five years and sell for a suggested $30 at retail.
So far, the shortcomings of LED lamp most frequently mentioned is the need for people to bypass the existing ballast treatment. Ballast compatible drives, also known as “plug and play” drive to solve this problem. This fluorescent lamp just snap “monument” type connector, no electrician to install.
Led tube light lamps are not covered by Energy Star but they can be listed on the DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products List (DLC QPL). The minimum requirements for DLC QPL are: system efficacy greater than or equal to 140 lm per watt; initial light output greater than or equal to 3800 lm; CCT less than or equal to 5000K; CRI greater than or equal to 80; power factor greater than or equal to 0.90; THD less than or equal to 20%; and a warranty greater than or equal to 5 years. The 23W T8 T5 cob mcob tcob led tube light benchmark fluorescent lamps in this study delivered a lumen output of 3800 lm and an efficacy of 150 lm per Watt.
2013 Xinlong light operating income reached 80 million yuan, followed the entire LED industry as presented increased in quantity of shippment but no in sales profits state, in 2003, wanban’s shippment capacity increased about 40% more than that of the past year, while profits fell by 15%.
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