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t5 6 lamp fixture

t5 6lamp fixture
The LED tube lights also generally exceed fluorescent tube lamps in terms of color quality. Typical products have CRI in the 82 range. Power factor is generally above 0.93. That said, integral LED tube light based luminaires still offer more energy savings and even better photometric performance, albeit at a higher purchase price and more expensive installation scenario.
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The design, however, presented the airport a challenge in finding an LED tube lighting product that could deliver the requisite light levels. The airport was seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification for the project and that certification placed demands on the building power density related to lighting.
Wanban, Chinese Mainland¡¯s one of the first LED chip packagers founded in 1993, has introduced a wide range of high-power emitters for lighting applications including led panel light, led tube lights, led high bay and led streetlights. Its 0.5W emitter is used in the light bars of refrigerators, and its 1W, 3W and 5W emitters have gone into streetlights, residential lights, signage boards and commercial lights. Its high-power emitters deliver efficiency of over 200lm per watt.
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