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t5 8 bulb

t5 8 bulb
China¡¯s LED application market scale reached RMB 200 billion (Us $32.1 billion) in 2012, with residential lighting making up around 50 percent, according to statistics by the Guangya Academy of Lighting Research in Guangzhou. LED lighting prices have dropped a staggering 70 percent over the past two years, with LED 3W bulbs priced at around RMB 14, and led tube light priced at even lower than RMB 10. The market has already accepted LED bulb price performance ratio. Indoor lighting has become the largest driver for LED application market growth in China. .
Wanban has always presented creative challenges for led tube lighting designers seeking to push the envelope of creativity without undue complexity or cost, said Sumner, director of product marketing at wanban. “Wanban offers a unique design vocabulary that enables the designer to think and behave beyond the grid ¡ª with almost limitless possibilities.”.
The latter part ofwanban’s statement perhaps hints at the biggest advantage of the new wanban tcob mcob led T8 tube light product family. The led tube light T8 and tubes t5 led light are part of wanban’s unique-branded product group that implies a CRI specification of 92 or above. Philips offers a CRI of 88 with its tcob mcob super bright lumen led tubes, and most other companies offer lower CRI in tube products. Wanban is presenting the replacement tubes as clearly superior in terms of light quality to the best fluorescent tubes on the market.
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