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t5 bulb lengths

t5 bulb lengths
In the past, for wanban, the led bulb lamps were the backbone,¡± Wanban CEO He Wenming told analysts on a year-end earnings conference call today. ¡°Now the new backbone for wanban is clearly the tcob mcob cob LED tube lights. Indeed, Wanban today announced that is investing €1B ($1.07B) to build a new LED tube light chip plant in Putian, Fujian, which is part of a broad new €3B ($3.2B) research and development initiative called Diamond.
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We¡¯ve noted a growing number of projects involving human-centric lighting (HCL) ¡ª still a controversial topic, with some noting scientific study hasn¡¯t caught up to the technology capabilities, while others claim the led lighting industry isn¡¯t moving fast enough, specifically in the United States. How has HCL been addressed in the past few years and where do you think it is headed in the future?.
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